Who likes this?

Is there anybody in America who actually likes what is going on in our country?  Even the leftists who are in charge and doubling down on their corruption of our culture and way of life have a terminal case of TDM (turned down mouth).  I suppose the revolutionary changes they are pushing are not happening as quickly or smoothly as they would like.

That there is pushback on CRT, vaccine urgency, border invasion, permissible crime, and unregulated voting is certainly a thorn in the side of the radicalized left.  Nobody I know is buying into the legitimacy of these ideas, and everybody I know is tired and fed up with the nonsense.  Like a dog with fleas, America is growing weary at the incessant hounding and gaslighting by a contingency of dislikable, ignorant haters.  The "live and let live" mantra that marked the decades since the '60s has been replaced with "we will never stop harassing you."  The left does not like the fact that most of America now sees its chosen leader as a vacuous, addled puppet, and it doesn't like that we roll our eyes at the childish propaganda and idiotic spin foisted by the increasingly irrelevant mainstream news and White House Press Corps.  

Our last leader, mean tweets aside, had our backs.  One could say that half of the country liked where Trump was taking us.  Tens of millions of people applauded energy independence, lowered taxes, incentives for companies to remain in the U.S., and other initiatives that instilled pride in the country and improved everyone's bottom line.  Our leadership stood up to international bullies and wheeled and dealed us into a new day of optimism and true hope and change.  The left mocked our enthusiasm, derided all of Trump's pro-American policies, and encouraged bad actors in positions of authority to undermine Trump whenever and wherever possible.  Leftists and NeverTrumps certainly did not like what was going on then, and we do not like what is going on now.  We are truly unhappy, they are still unhappy, and that means that nobody appears to like this.

Image: Adam Schulz.

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