The unbearable whiteness of IOCing

I watched the Tokyo Olympics Opening Ceremony, what was left of it.

And I was shocked — not so much at the empty stadium, or the universal mask-wearing.  I was shocked at the Whiteness of it all.

But first a confession.  I stopped watching sports about 40 years ago because I didn't like being angry when my team lost. I stopped watching TV news about 30 years ago because I thought it was a waste of an hour.  Hey, why not read a book?

So getting to watch our global elite peddling its nostrums live and in living Whiteness was a shock.  I normally get to read about all that stuff secondhand on evil racist-sexist-homophobic armed insurrectionist websites, but I seldom experience it directly.

I mean — having a BLMed rich kid from New York light the Olympic cauldron: Whiteness.

Having the nice little Japanese girls wear sailor suits: Whiteness.

Having the NBC hosts be a black man and a white woman, the latter giving us the proper emotional response to the event — doubtless pre-approved by the Ancient and Bossy Order of Karens: Whiteness.

Having a Japanese computer nerd take over a sixties-era Apollo-type control center to turn on the lights in Tokyo: Whiteness.

Really, at the end of the Japanese nerd section, I was "literally shaking" my head at the stupidity and the globalist Whiteness condescension of it all.

Featuring the Beatles' "Imagine," the last moment when white workin' class lads were given the time of day: Whiteness.

Having a female jazz pianist playing a grand piano: Whiteness.

The Olympic flag-holders, wearing Western-syle uniforms and medal ribbons: Whiteness.

All the speakers wearing masks: Whiteness.

Mind you, all that Whiteness does remind you that the world is White.  Not because we Whites are all racist-sexist-homophobic-xenophobic white oppressors although, of course, we are.  But because we whites have had most of the transformative ideas, good and bad, for the last half-millennium.  Hey, Chuck, how yer doin', pal?

The unbearable Whiteness of the IOC crowd is not the same as the hectoring Whiteness activism of the White Wokaholics and their one-dimensional pets like NHJ and IXK.  (Did you know that the Spanish for "pet" is "mascota"?)  The IOC chappies are not trying to change the world; they are just going along to get along.  And "just going along" in 2021 that means having an acolyte of the Church of St. George of Floyd lighting the Olympic "cauldron."

The IOC is no more trying to change the world than the corporate baseball twerps who decided to boycott Atlanta because of voter ID.  They just know which side their bread is buttered.

The problem is not the IOC; the problem is the True Believers right here in the good old USA who keep upping the ante because they cannot believe they have been playing a losing hand for half a century, cannot believe, will not believe, that their religion of politics-with-everything is Making Things Worse.

Here's how to understand the good old USA in 2021.  It is really not that hard.

Suppose you were a ruling class of educated and evolved creative geniuses.  And suppose you passed a brilliant civil rights act to end racial discrimination forever.  And suppose you passed a bunch of Great Society legislation to hand out loot and plunder to the victims of racial discrimination.  And suppose you did a bit of quotas and affirmative action and diversity on the side to nudge things along.  And suppose that all of these brilliant ideas and laws and programs Made Things Worse.  Much Worse.

What would you do?

Would you say: wow, we are really sorry, we nuked the black family; we nuked the schools where black kids go?  We nuked the cities where blacks get to live in crime-ridden hell-holes?  We launched home prices into the stratosphere on a SpaceX reusable rocket?

We are really sorry.

You think?  Not a bit of it.

Or, as they say in The Secret Garden, "Nowt o' th' sort!"

Instead, you would say that malevolent forces are at work.  Racist forces, systemic racist forces, white oppressors, patriarchal conspiracies, fossil fuel companies, meeting in the dark of night, planning armed insurrections.

You would never admit that your ideas are at best stupid, at worst evil.  Inconceivable!  Why "we" are the educated ones; "we" are the evolved ones; "we" are the ones who care.  It's the Other Guys who are evil.

Once you get this, it all makes sense.  And one fine day, we will put a stop to it.

But meanwhile, the dullards at the IOC are doing their Whiteness thing and going along to get along.

Until the day the universe changes.  Then,

Imagine there's no Whiteness
It's easy if you try.

But only if some Chinese billionaire gets to Mars before Elon Musk.

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Photo credit: YouTube screen grab.

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