The strange case of Barbra Streisand's political contributions

According to the Federal Election Commission (FEC), Barbra Streisand has paid a large amount of political campaign contribution money (PCCM) over many years.  On September 9, 2006, Barbra Streisand paid $1,000.00 to the "Committee to Elect Chris Murphy" organization.  See a backup image of the payment here.  The organization supported the U.S. House campaign of Chris Murphy.  Mr. Murphy won the 2006 election and later won election to the U.S. Senate, where he serves today.  For the payment, Streisand used a mailing address —

C/O Boulevard Management
21650 Oxnard St.
Woodland Hills, CA 91367

— which we can easily find at Google Maps and Bing Maps.

A person using the name Barbara Streisand has also paid a lot of PCCM.  This PCCM contributor spells her first name "Barbara," not "Barbra" as described above.  On September 9, 2006, Barbara Streisand paid $1,000.00 to the "Courtney for Congress" organization, according to additional FEC information.  See a backup image of this second payment here.  "Courtney for Congress" supports the U.S. House campaigns of CT representative Joseph Courtney.  Mr. Courtney won the 2006 election and serves in the U.S. House today.  For the second payment, Streisand used a mailing address —

c/o Boulevard Management
21650 Oxnard Street, Suite 1925
Pomona, CA 91767-7888

— which has problems.  Both Google Maps and Bing Maps show that for the payment, Streisand used a Pomona, CA address that does not exist.  The Pomona payment ZIP code itself has its own problem.  Although Pomona has a 91767 ZIP code, the nine-digit ZIP code (91767-7888) shown in the payment apparently does not exist, certainly according to this search.  The payments shown here open up major questions.

One: Assuming Barbra and Barbara Streisand are the same person, why did Streisand use the mysterious Pomona mailing address seen above to pay PCCM?

Two: Why did Streisand put so much effort into building the questionable Pomona address — one that so closely resembles a real address?  Out of 100,000 potential five-digit ZIP code numbers (00000 to 99999), the 91767 zip code definitely lands in Pomona.  Five ZIP codes, at most, cover Pomona, CA.  These facts make it highly unlikely that Streisand could have randomly picked a clean city and five-digit zip code combination.  As seen above, one source reported that the 91767-7888 ZIP code apparently does not exist.  Tens of millions, probably hundreds of millions, of Americans have never paid PCCM — this author included.  If those Americans tried placing questionable information like this on their IRS paperwork, they would get into terrible trouble.  Instantly.

Three: Why did the FEC ignore the situation?  The FEC claims that it is "protecting the integrity of the campaign finance process."

The FEC clearly knew about the September 9, 2006, Streisand PCCM payment information for a long time.  After all, it supplied the information on its website.

Four: If the same contributor made both September 9, 2006, Streisand PCCM payments, why did that contributor use different names, and on the same day?

Five: If Rep. Courtney knew any of the information shown here about these payments, when did he know it?  How did he handle the information?  Why did he handle it the way he did?  And likewise with then-rep. Murphy.

Six: Did Courtney, Murphy, or their staffers ever discuss these payments?  If yes, what did they say?  Individually or together, did they ever discuss the payments with Streisand?  If yes, what happened in those discussions?

These payments happened almost fifteen years ago.  Maybe questions about them don't matter anymore, because they happened so far back in time.  Well, in 2020, Barbara Streisand made other mysterious PCCM payments.  On January 13, 2020, Barbara Streisand made a payment to the "Bollier for Kansas" organization.  For the payment, Streisand used a mailing address —

1327 Prospect St
Malibu, CA 90265

— which has a problem.  The address also apparently does not exist.  See a backup image of the payment here.  This shows a November 2, 2018, Barbra Streisand payment to the "Swalwell for Congress" organization.  Streisand used a mailing address —

6838 Zumirez Dr
Malibu, CA 90265-4317

— which clearly exists.  See a backup image of the payment here.  A May 28, 2020, Barbara Streisand payment to the "Elizabeth Pannill Fletcher for Congress" organization has a mailing address —

6838 Sumierz Dr
Malibu, CA 90265

— which has a definite problem.  It apparently does not exist.  See a backup image of the payment here.  For extra mystery, the November 2, 2018, Streisand payment to Swalwell disappeared from the FEC search engine.  See a backup image of the specific FEC search page result here.  The fact that the FEC search engine does not catch the Swalwell payment proves that the search tool itself has no reliability.  No logical reason can explain the disappearance of the Streisand to Swalwell Nov. 2, 2018 payment from the FEC search engine.  We can wonder what other information has disappeared from it in the same way.  More generally, readers of American Thinker will ask their own sharp questions about all of the information presented here.

These issues have even more importance because both Barbra Streisand and Barbara Streisand have paid PCCM in the year 2021.  The FEC has information about a massive number of PCCM payments, from many contributors, over many years.  The Streisand payments raise questions about other potential PCCM payment problems the FEC has potentially ignored.  FEC PCCM paperwork involves government, money, and information, just like IRS paperwork.  The FEC Streisand PCCM information shown here raises questions about the IRS tax paperwork filed with the IRS, under both Streisand names.  Does that IRS paperwork also have questionable information?  Do FEC and potential IRS information quality problems extend to other people who pay large amounts of PCCM?

Image: PublicDomainPictures via Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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