The left is fomenting hopelessness

We're simply meant to give up.  That's the conclusion I've come to, as I see the pile-on of absurdities we're being asked to accept as normal.  We're standing under a giant dumpster, and somebody's upended it in an avalanche over us.  The contents stink, and we're increasingly unable to move from underneath.

The NEA wants CRT taught in all the schools and will fight for its teachers' right to indoctrinate the kids.  How many parents have the means to yank their kids out of public school and either homeschool or find an acceptable private school that eschews this garbage?  How many parents are willing to fight the school board and the administration?  Speak out and gather support against such policy?  Supposedly, K and 1st-grade enrollment are down 13%, so we know that at least that many have found other options.

The Wi Spa in Los Angeles lets men into the women's naked baths, in front of their small children, because California forces it to.  It normalizes such behavior as a matter of law.  Men compete in women's sports, beyond any logic.  The only result will be the end of women's sports when they become such a joke that nobody will watch.

Companies, even those supplying war materiel, go woke.  People are force-indoctrinated to keep their jobs.  Others are fired for speaking the truth.  Tech companies cancel anyone who dares color outside their increasingly restrictive lines.  The walls are closing in on us, as BLM/Antifa get away with whatever they choose to do, no matter how violent, and regular American citizens are held up as insurrectionists.

On top of that, we have a president who can't string a single coherent sentence together, who gets on the floor and bows in front of guests, and who can't even read his own note cards and is constantly fearing he'll "get in trouble" with his keepers.  We have a veep who cackles like a maniac and inspires zero confidence, even in her own party, who nakedly pretends a visit to the border, which, under her ostensible stewardship, is so wide open that we can't even protect our citizens in the path of the invaders.

Our cities are violent and ugly.  Thieves simply walk into stores and take what they want.  Public transit is so dangerous that many are afraid to use it.  The roads are crumbling, many governors aren't governing, and mayors either condone defunding police or contend with city councils who demand it.

Adding to the urban mess, coherent information about COVID is squelched, so the threat of shutting down again continues to hang over small businesses.  We have alarmists touting the danger of increasing "cases" of the Delta variant, which apparently has symptoms that mimic hay fever, but that's suppressed information, too.  Now there's a Lambda variant that, we're told, the vaccine that's been foisted upon us "may not" protect against.

Kids are still wearing masks, even when their parents are not.  This, despite ample evidence of their counter-productiveness and danger.

Biden just announced a door-to-door vaccinating effort that will be coming to every neighborhood.  Thank goodness we still have a lock on our front door!  Except, of course, that it's also been announced that the vaccine may become mandatory if it's given final approval by the FDA.

We've already lost many of our small businesses, and the ones that remain open are struggling against the tide, as downtowns are still bereft of people to patronize them — whether because we're all still so cowed by lack of coherent COVID information that nobody wants to go out, or because they've become such ugly, violent places that we consciously say "it's not worth it" to visit.  After all, how many reports of tourist cars broken into, possessions and pets stolen, people randomly beat up on the street, and more do we need before the public stop coming?

The suburbs are being invaded by mandates to build "affordable" housing.  The town councils accept the idea that gas lines are evil, even as electric infrastructure fails in the wake of over-reliance on solar and wind.  Brownouts are becoming commonplace, or, as we call them in the Bay Area, "rotating blackouts."  Apparently, it takes only moments to shut down people's power but up to 24 hours to restore it.  We've not been given the option to keep our "dumb" electric meters, either.  New "smart" meters can be controlled from afar.

I realized, catching a tiny snippet of Trump's news conference this morning, that I have desperately missed listening to someone coherent speak about reality and present a path forward.  I temporarily succumbed to the feeling of overwhelming despair, just as I was meant to do — but none of us can afford to wallow there.

True, we can't trust any person in power or any organization of government.  We must get wise to them; create pathways through their garbage; and, as Trump is doing with his class-action lawsuit, open other people's eyes to their glaring hypocrisies.  

We must also create opportunities for our voices to be heard.  Perhaps only a few people will listen, but maybe they'll each tell a few more.  Every voice raised in protest of leftist absurdity has an effect.

I think people will become more open to hearing us, the more of us speak up.  Underneath their complacency, they can't help but notice how idiotic the leftist credo sounds and can't help experiencing how degrading leftist policies feel in real life.  Policies that negatively affect the mental and physical health of their children, especially, will convert them to our cause.  The left, after all, has no coherent answers to the real questions.

Image: Sadness (1765) by Anonymous.  Public Domain.  Added text by Andrea Widburg.

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