Raytheon is all in for Critical Race Theory

President Trump signed an executive order banning the highly racist ideology known as Critical Race Theory (CRT) in the federal government or in any organization receiving money from the federal government.  On his first in the Oval Office, Biden reversed Trump's order, effectively encouraging the federal government and contractors to get back on the CRT bandwagon.  Raytheon, America's second-largest defense contractor, is completely on board, as evidenced by materials openly attacking Whites and demeaning everyone else.

If you read the statement accompanying the above commitment to "diversity and inclusion," you'll learn that this isn't about Raytheon building better products.  It's about changing society, or, as the Raytheon material says, it's "a societal issue."  And here you just thought Raytheon was building bombs.  It's not interested in blowing up the enemy; it's planning to blow up America by attacking the indivisibility of the American people using pure racial animus.

In the material below, Raytheon's explanation of intersectionality is predicated upon the belief that Blacks, LGBTs, Asians, and disabled people are all victims.  Were I in any one of those categories, I would be deeply offended by the racist, homophobic, and generally condescending assumptions at work there.

And as the "Becoming an ally" material, below, demonstrates, the whole CRT infrastructure is predicated on White people, especially "Christian," "straight," and "English-speaking," being the problem.  Please pay attention to the last directive: "Step Aside."  I'll get back to that in a minute.

There's nothing in this material telling those people Raytheon identifies as pathetic — the Blacks, Asians, LGBTs, etc. — to buck up because they are capable, intelligent people who can make their way in a free country.  Instead, the material is dedicated to telling Whites they are inherently awful and must abase themselves.  Again, hang onto that thought, please.

Aside from the training material's disgraceful content, you need to know a little bit more about Raytheon's management.  This pasty male, Thomas A. Kennedy, is the executive chairman of Raytheon:

Image: YouTube screen grab.

And this pasty male, Gregory J. Hayes, is the CEO of Raytheon Technologies:

Image: Raytheon corporate governance.

Indeed, aside from one Black man and one man of East Asian Indian descent, the Raytheon Board members look as if they crawled out from under a rock:

Image: Raytheon's Board of Directors web page. 

Pale doesn't begin to describe these privileged White people, none of whom seems inclined to — what was it the training said?  Ah, yes! — "step aside."

These pieces of human detritus will hang on to their own alleged "White privilege" like grim death.  And yes, these people deserve to be belittled and insulted for paying off the Black Lives Matter movement by insulting their White employees and demeaning their non-White (and non-straight) employees without believing in any of the garbage they're selling.

Critical Race Training is racist and unconstitutional and violates the Civil Rights Act.  However, until true non-racists begin lawfare so that these companies get hit with huge judgments and people in management lose their jobs and reputations, nothing will change.

Image: Twitter screen grab.

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