The Washington Post and The New York Times: PR agents for the Democrats

The front-page lead article in The Washington Post, July 6, carried this headline:




on 2020

The subhead asserted:



Please heed the words "False Fraud Claims" in the article's subhead.  In addition to that use of "false fraud claims," this article, by Amy Gardner, included in the text six more "false claims," three uses of the word "baseless," two uses of "falsehood," one "outlandish," and one "unfounded."  Perhaps it may be said: never in the annals of American journalism have so many accusations of political dissembling been inserted in just one article — as if the WaPo were sending a message to The New York Times: "we can easily beat you in demonizing the GOP."

Twice this July 6 WaPo example of Pravda journalism in the USA said there was an "attack" on the Capitol, on January 6, 2021.  The January 6, 2021, Capitol mêlée was called an "insurrection," in the penultimate paragraph.  The writer, Ms. Gardner, did not explain this weaponless aspect of what she called (on demand of higher-ups at WaPo?) an "insurrection," and she ignored the limited time frame of this so-called "insurrection" occurring on the afternoon and dissipating by sundown.

Perhaps the point of this WaPo July 6 exercise in crying-wolf journalism was set forth six paragraphs from the end:

Democrats and other Trump critics ... are expressing alarm that the sheer number of GOP candidates promoting his elections falsehoods will put anti-democratic forces in place at multiple levels of government with the power to thwart the will of the voters in future elections.

That is to say, the Democrats project onto Republicans the anti-democratic trend in the Democrat party.

This false, baseless, outlandish, and unfounded allegation provides immediate support for the assertion by Gerard Baker, in his July 6 Wall Street Journal column, "Free Expressions," that when Republicans question election results, the left howls about threats to democratic institutions, "an assault on the sacred electoral process, a coup in plain sight."  Yet when Democrats protest elections, they are just expressing their interest in good government.

Let's turn, now, to a front-page, if below-the-fold, hit piece in The New York Times, July 6 on Arizona congressman Paul Gosar, termed in this article a "strident conservative."

In the third paragraph, the Times article, by Catie Edmondson, pinned the "falsely claimed" label on Congressman Gosar, described as

... a vociferous backer of the "Stop the Steal" movement that falsely claimed that former President Donald Trump won the 2020 election and spearheaded the rally in Washington on Jan. 6 that led to the deadly Capitol riot.

Behold: The New York Times joins forces with WaPo in the simultaneous practice of Pravda journalism, falsely linking the Trump rally to the Capitol mêlée and falsely implying that there were numerous deaths at the Capitol — not merely one, that of the unarmed Ashli Babbitt, the facts of whose killing remain covered up.

The Times writer then asserted that Dr. Gosar (he is a dentist) has ties to racists and far-right extremists, and followed that by falsely alleging "the Republican Party's growing acceptance of extremism[.]"  These ties, Edmondson charges, "have been less scrutinized."  So that's what the rest of the piece is all about, with its innuendo, insinuations, and WaPo-echoing that the GOP is the threat to democracy — led by Paul Gosar, DDS.  House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy must take action against Dr. Gosar and his congressional allies, lest the GOP lose handily in the 2022 midterm elections, abandoned by conservatives as the party of racists and Holocaust-deniers. 

It is fascinating that on the sixth of July, 2021, The Washington Post and The New York Times devoted considerable space to double-barreled hit pieces against the Republican Party.  But what else to expect from these Pravda prototypes in D.C. (for Democrat City?) and the Big (worm-corrupted) Apple?  For them, as for Pelosi and Schumer, the very existence of an opposition party is a form of "insurrection."

Two once-great newspapers have made the transition out of journalism to serving as P.R. agents of the Democrat National Committee and the White House (when a Democrat sits in the Oval Office).  This is not a new development.  The descent of the Post and the Times to lapdog status started well before Donald J. Trump announced his presidential candidacy six years ago.

But to see evidence of the utter abandonment of honest political reporting from these formerly great newspapers' reporting, day after day after day, is sad.  Even sadder is the apparent inability of the leaders of the GOP to articulate a response to the lies hurled at them from the left and its extremist media allies with clarity and effectiveness.  Where is the Republican congressman to say, with conviction: "Falsity, thy name is Democrat."

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