Pronouns as weapons against America

Culture is at the heart of any society.  The American heart and heartland are under mighty and relentless assault.  Here is a prime example: a couple of our cultural elites and leaders in my world, a prominent clergyman and a public schoolteacher, now sign their names with the addendums "he/his/him" and "she/her/hers."  These are men and women we used to rely on to lead us in supporting and transmitting American values.  No more.  They lead the fight to destroy them.

It seems on the surface innocuous enough — a bit quirky, maybe just a passing fad, but it's not innocuous or passing.  It is a basic attack on American civilization — part of an intense, wide, cultural war we fight. The stakes are tremendous.

This is part of a throwback, relentless attack on Western, Judeo-Christian values — even on our view of reality. The name-amenders will argue the "he/his/him" stuff is just part of their Leftist Democrat Weltanschauung of peace, love, and kindness — the same kind of love and peace they aim at our culture, history, and founders with things like the vile 1619 Project.  It's the love and peace of destroying our liberties like free speech; the hate they show our girls with boys running around their shower rooms; the poison they spread with the racism of "black dorms" and Critical Race Theory.  It's the kindness and tolerance they spew by trashing the Western notion of marriage, the nuclear family, defunding our police and military, destroying our borders, the plundering of our kid's futures with mountains of debt, and destroying the greatest wealth production machine in human history: capitalism.  

These "progressives" attempt to show solidarity with the Marxist lie that America is structured on the notion of oppressed against oppressor.  The heterosexual, capitalist, Christian white man with a European heritage is the oppressor.  The atheist, trans, beige-colored, socialist bisexual with a great-grandfather from El Salvador is the oppressed.  And beneath the lie is the core of darkness — that of radical, unabashed Marxism, out to tear apart this country from within and destroy every aspect of Western, American, Judeo-Christian civilization.  These American Marxists flat-out reject the biblical City on the Hill — the fact that America is structured not on oppressed vs. oppressor, black vs. white, rich vs. poor, gay vs. straight, but on liberty vs tyranny, good vs. bad, virtue vs. non-virtue, character vs. lack of, merit vs. non-merit, God-fearing vs. government-worshiping.

So these signature addendums come from the same leftist poison that now gives us a president commanding we alter reality itself by calling women "birthing people" and demanding we fear and focus on 75 million nonexistent white supremacists so they may be rooted out by our now corrupt law enforcement institutions.

Image: Ted Eytan.

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