A 'rainbow dildo butt monkey' to help children read

What motivated you to read as a child?  Was it a rainbow-colored monkey, with a fake penis and bare butt, gyrating around the library?  No?  Well, weren't you deprived.

I briefly heard of this disgusting display from the Charlie Kirk Radio Show.  Officially, the London library hired this performer to "promote literacy and tolerance for the LGBT community" in children.  They claimed to have no idea that it would cause such an uproar among parents and did apologize for any offense taken.  Ah, yeah.  Sorry, but that's not good enough. 

This is just the latest in a string of incidents, here and abroad, that sexualize children.  From Drag Queen Story Hour to teaching children how to twerk, this is "normal" in a taxpayer-funded library — but Dr. Seuss's books are inappropriate.

As a mom and former library clerk, my stomach sours when I hear these stories.  Some have suggested it's intentionally grooming children for pedophiles, but I hesitate to make that claim.  I think it's just that these librarians (with seven years of college indoctrination under their belt) have a completely broken moral compass.  They care so deeply about protecting an "oppressed" community that they are willing to sacrifice the innocence of children. 

When I worked in a library, I questioned the children's kibrarian over her display for the month of June.  It was entirely about promoting LGBT books for Pride month.  I gently suggested that, perhaps, Father's Day was important, too?  She told me that "fathers aren't oppressed."  This is the attitude of librarians today.  They see themselves as supporting the little guy, but they completely are blind to the much larger tragedy of fatherless homes in America.

So my call to action is this: visit your local library.  What kind of programs are they doing?  Look at their displays.  Are they actually inclusive, or do they promote a left-wing agenda?  And please don't complain to the clerks.  Ask to speak to the manager or get the email of the library director.  You, as a taxpayer, have a say in what the libraries spend money on!  It's time to speak up, patriots!

Danielle Johnson is an author who writes conservative fiction under the pen name Rya E. Byrd.  Find her book, Surviving Utopia, at several retail outlets.

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