New York has one cop who should never be defunded

The Marxist/BLM demand that we should "defund the police" is a recipe for chaos that the Marxists intend to cure with a nationwide federal crackdown.  Bye-bye, our federal system with states' rights preserved under the Tenth Amendment; bye-bye, individual liberty, free from the FBI and NSA.  It's not just that big picture, though.  It's also the on-the-ground utility of having police.  Exhibit A for that second principle is the utterly calm New York police officer who, with a potato chip bag and some tape, saved a man's life.

It happened on July 7, when Officer Rodney Kennedy was called to the scene of a stabbing in Harlem.  The whole event showed up on his bodycam.  The moment Kennedy saw the wound, he told a passerby to run into a store and get a bag of potato chips.

Only after that did the victim, who was sitting on the sidewalk bleeding profusely, tell Officer Kennedy that he'd been stabbed in the lung.  Kennedy had diagnosed the problem on sight.  In a cool tone, he assured the victim that he was going to be all right — and he sounded as if he meant it.

When the bystander returned with the chip bag, Officer Kennedy ripped it open, emptied it, and flattened it out.  He then instructed the bystander to bring him tape.

Kennedy next had bystanders help him get the victim to lie down.  Once the victim was prone, Kennedy plastered the potato chip bag on what was obviously a potentially deadly sucking chest wound and, when handed the tape, made sure the bag was tightly affixed.  Finally, Kennedy instructed people on how to help prepare the victim for the EMTs.

Through the whole short, intense episode, Kennedy was the essence of calm competence.  That's what training does for a person — coupled with obvious native intelligence.

Maybe a social worker could have done the same, but right now, in Democrat-run cities across America, there are neither police nor social workers.  Instead, cities are taking on the aspect of a Mad Max movie, except without the imaginative costumes and funky vehicles.

Just yesterday, revolting footage emerged of one man shooting another at point-blank range on a Brooklyn street.  In Chicago, things are so bad that the Taliban will be sending people to "Chiraq" to study the techniques.

Without our "thin blue line," we are reverting to savagery.  We are seeing played out before our eyes the truth that a well trained, law-abiding police force is the difference between savagery and civilization – and Officer Kennedy is clearly on the civilization side.

UPDATE: If you're interested, the Daily Mail has the details about what really happened that night -- and Officer Kennedy still comes out looking like a hero.

Image: Saving a man’s life with potato chips and tape.  Twitter screen grab.

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