Liberals do have more mental health issues

When I see an article titled "Over 50% of Liberal, White Women Under 30 Have A Mental Health Issue, Are We Worried Yet?," I'm going to read it.  Mostly out of curiosity — is there something to the long-standing joke that liberalism is a mental disorder?  Well, turns out, there is.

The article, written by Elizabeth Condra in Evie Magazine, focuses on young, white women because that is the magazine's reading demographic.  But, upon further investigation of the Pew American Trends Panel: Wave 64 study, it turns out that for white women and men, in every age group, there are more mental health issues for liberals than conservatives.

Condra offers few opinions as to why liberals have more mental health issues, such as "an unrelenting focus on oppression, verbal violence, and microaggression."  And while I do agree with her analysis, I think it's an even deeper issue.

Conservatives are inherently more grateful for the country we're born into.  It's in the very name we call ourselves: we want to "conserve" our country.  Progressives want it to "progress" into something else.

Conservatives are more focused on micro-values (improve myself to be the best I can be) and liberals on macro-values (improve society to be the best it can be).  The problem with focusing on macro-values is it's a lot harder to change society.  I have massive influence over my own disposition and perspectives, but I have little effect on society at large. 

Conservatives are more logical.  As much as I might want to change society into improving, I know that logically I can control only myself and perhaps influence those around me.  So I am not depressed when my efforts at producing a "utopia" fail. 

Conservatives have more traditional values.  And, perhaps, those values have been around for centuries because they make a happier society, not just due to the evil "patriarchy."  These lies that left-wing culture pushes do seem to have a worse impact on women.  A few examples: Women are just as capable of having casual sex, with no emotional or physical repercussions.  Having an abortion isn't killing a life; it's a medical procedure.  Having a career is more fulfilling than having a family.  One should wait to have children, or not have them at all.  Your children don't need a loving father in their life.  You can do it all!  I have often wondered if liberal women know deep down that these are falsehoods but just want them to be true.

Lastly, the liberal media seem to flutter from one hysteria to the next with little down time.  I have heard terms like "eco-anxiety" and "eco-depression," which comes from constant media fear-mongering that the Earth is dying because of humans.  Or the daily dose of fear surrounding COVID-19 that keeps liberals in their homes and not living life.  If these liberals would just open their Bibles, they could read, The Lord is with me, I will not be afraid (Psalm 118:6).  But no, they'll just turn on CNN. 

Danielle Johnson is an author who writes conservative fiction under the pen name Rya E. Byrd.  Find her book, Surviving Utopia.

Image: Wellcome Collection.

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