Keeping score: Biden's woeful record

The Biden administration has now been in office over two hundred days.  Let's check the political scorecard: we have massive illegal immigration, a massive increase in violent crime, a massive increase in the national debt, and increasing inflation.  On the plus side (the Democrat view), more transsexuals are now serving in our military and having their sexual "reassignment" surgery paid for by the American taxpayer, Critical Race Theory is being implemented, and more BLM and Pride flags are being officially posted at U.S. embassies and consulates.  I shouldn't leave out the Democratic Party's major economic achievement: we now have more people being paid not to work than any other time in American history.

The Democrats must also receive credit for perfecting the art of Orwellian "Newspeak," the age-old practice of the "Shell Game."  The Democrats are gifted at accusing others of what they are guilty of.  Who among us can't remember what political party sought to radically transform our system of voting?  What political party still calls for wide-scale voting by mail, the use of drop boxes, vote-harvesting, allowing felons to vote, and doing away with voter ID laws?  When conservatives push back to resist this naked attempt at political corruption, they are met with libels of "Jim Crow" and seeking to end democracy.

The Democrats are using age old smear tactics.  Like other demagogues before them, the Democrats are attempting to create a smokescreen to conceal the true motivation behind their policies.  Has John Q. Public forgotten so soon who called for the elimination of the Electoral College, changing the number of justices on the Supreme Court, and giving one mostly African-American city two new senators to represent it?  Finally, I ask: what political party has recently advanced a bill which in effect would nullify the Tenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution?  The Tenth Amendment established the legitimate right of each state to determine its own procedures for voting.  To do away with the Tenth Amendment is to do away with federalism.

The fuming, fussing, and hand-wringing of the Democratic Party over Republican attempts to protect the sanctity of the democratic process is an act of unparalleled hypocrisy.  The same Democrats who advocate "cancel culture" are now trying to cancel the U.S. Constitution.

William D. Howard is a freelance writer who had a long career as an educator.  He holds degrees in philosophy and history and has traveled widely in over 40 countries.  His essays have been published in Am,erican Thinker, and Intellectual

Image: LBJ Library photo by Jay Godwin.

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