Kamala Harris: The last Democrat holdout arguing against voter I.D.

Democrats, even the crazy ones such as Stacey Abrams, have backed away from their call for zero photo I.D. in order to vote. Their argument that black people are incapable of getting I.D. is essentially racist. More important, from their point of view, the voters are squarely are not in their tree. Voter I.D. is a common-sense measure practiced in all civilized countries and voter polls support it. They still want to win in 2022, so they've moved away from that stance like a bad smell from a backed-up sewer.

But Kamala Harris is still swimming in it, and gave an amazingly stupid defense of zero-I.D. to vote in an interview with BET:

As you can tell, she's no longer saying that blacks are too mentally feeble to obtain any valid official identification such as a driver's license which is what Democrats, true to their Jim Crow roots, did until recently.

She's now saying that rural America is a wasteland and voters have absolutely no access to Kinkos.

Which is false. Kinkos, to take but one example, (and it's an obsolete one, given that the name was dropped in 2008), is now part of the gargantuan FedEx empire with approximately 2,000 locations spread across the U.S. alone. These places are well-quipped with photocopiers, and offer copying services to the public. (Anecdote: I used to use the FedEx Kinkos in Beverly Hills to copy class materials, and was once credited with saving a major film production after a big-name scriptwriter accidentally left his flash drive with the only copy of the movie script in one of the self-serve copiers and I turned the thing in). Besides FedEx, rural America also has access to thousands of UPS locations, which is FedEx's rival.

Better still, Fedex in 2018 announced that it would be opening 500 outlets at WalMarts across America.

Is Kamala trying to tell us that rural America has no access to WalMarts? Apparently, she's never been there.

Which is comical, given that New York Times blowhard columnist. Tom Friedman, just a few months ago, was proposing Kamala to serve as the Biden czar to rural America, because she deserves "a more important job."  Kid you not.  Given Kamala's background in Canada and in radical left-wing college towns, sound like a perfect match? These days, Friedman's coeval, Ezra Klein, says no, she needs to be moved down to kiddie-table jobs.

Here's another problem with her proposal for zero-voter-I.D.:

People don't need to go to FedEx or Kinkos, or UPS to get photocopies.

According to the National Conference on State Legislatures, voters generally in most states bring the I.D. in person and the bureaucrats checking them make the photocopy right there. Photo I.D. is generally checked at the polling station if voters are voting in person.

There are various ways photo I.D. to vote is validly done to prevent fraud, according to NCSL's charts and listings. None involve mailing in a photocopy of some kind of I.D.

Why would anyone accept a faded Xerox copy of a photo I.D. that can be photocopied over and over, presumably for mail ballots, with no concern about watermarks or authenticating measures? What Harris is ignorantly describing sounds like an additional means to fraud, actually.

Legal Insurrection views Harris as the last holdout, the Democrat who didn't get the memo about the public's support for valid I.D. to vote, same as other democracies with credible elections do.

Somehow, Kamala Harris, who is currently occupying the office of the Vice President, never got the memo.  As usual.  She’s always a day late and a dollar short . . . not to mention, out of touch, tone deaf, politically inept, and “completely wacky.”

Poor old Kamala is truly the outcast in the Biden administration; Democrats know that she can’t compete even in a Democrat presidential primary let alone in a contest against President Trump, her staff hates her, her off-putting cackling has to be reined in, and the Biden admin set her tasks that she mangles because she’s inept, in way over her head, and her staff hates her.

The writer, who goes by the pseudonym "Fuzzy Slippers," believes that the Democrat change of heart may be a bid to set the stage for vaccine passports, which could be true.

I think the conventional wisdom is more like it, though, that the move toward voter I.D. is just the result of the Democrat reaction to the polls.

It may be that Kamala is there to shore up the Democrat base, whose base of power is hugely dependent on voter fraud. Or it may be that she's just ignorant, always behind the curve. Whatever it is, she's persistently out of step with Democrat gaslighting measures claiming they were always in favor of voter I.D. She just holds tight to fantastical claims, old stereotypes, and discredited lies.

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