Ezra Klein admits it: Kamala Harris is incompetent

Not for the first time, Ezra Klein, a youthful hipster leftist writer favored by the elites, has said more than he probably intended to.

Get a load of this from Fox News:

New York Times columnist Ezra Klein feels President Biden is making life too difficult for Vice President Kamala Harris and feels she should be given simpler tasks to enhance her reputation, but critics on both sides quickly found problems with his argument. 

"Kamala Harris will probably be the Democratic nominee in 24 or 28. Biden's team should be giving her portfolios that make it likelier she'll win. Instead they're giving her impossible problems that will likely become liabilities," Klein tweeted. 

This is exactly the same as saying she should be put at the little table.  She should be given training wheels.  She should be praised for her finger-paint pictures.

She's not up to the job.

It's also kind of funny in that Klein's fellow leftist pundit of the establishment, Tom Friedman of the New York Times, in December 2020argued this:

Kamala Harris Deserves a More Important Job

But mainly, it's stupid.

Klein's statement is an amazingly idiotic thing to say since he wants to make her president anyway.  Why should someone who can't complete presidential tasks be president at all?  Someone who can't solve the border crisis and isn't even trying is, in his book, somehow meant for bigger things.

His idea though, is to give her smaller tasks?  The way it's done when some incompetent is demoted?  Wow.

Harris is a textbook case of someone, in C. Northcote Parkinson's observation, who's reached her "level of incompetence," a level she reached long ago, actually.  She's been promoted and promoted, and now she's unable to do her job with any leadership, so she's set to stay just where she is under normal conditions.  Achievers get bigger tasks.  Underperformers get lesser ones.  That's human behavior in any organization.  Even bin Laden promoted only the best, from his point of view.  China and Russia, whose leaders rule by holding onto power, wouldn't dream of anything as stupid as this, at least on anything important.

Ezra, though, would.  By his statement, he seems to be seeking a kakistocracy, rule by the worst instead of the best, with his call to give Harris little tasks more suited to her limited ability, just enough to get her elected in 2024.

After all, Klein seems to think the border surge is intractable.  Never mind that President Trump solved it with one hand tied behind his back as leftists gummed up his every effort to fix it with their junk lawsuits and obstructions.  Trump fixed it anyway, with great determination, in a model of competent crisis management.

It was only Joe and his idiocies undoing all that Trump achieved that brought the mess we are in.  Latin American presidents, in Mexico, Guatemala, and elsewhere, have repeatedly pointed out this very fact.

Solving the crisis can be done easily by restoring Trump's achievements.  But Harris, who is a cog in the administration that created the problem, somehow can't do it.  So now the problem is claimed by Klein and others to be "impossible," beyond Harris's capabilities. 

Harris actually has no capabilities, and the reason for that is clear enough: every step up the rung of her political ladder was based on sucking up to some older man, not performing well in some job or another.

She got her leg up in politics by serving as Willie Brown's mistress.  After that, she got cozy with Barack Obama.  She was pals with unlikeable Hillary Clinton.  She was always looking for her next job, as those in her circle have told the press.  Now that there's just Joe, with his vindictive wife Jill probably leaking on her (as Andrea Widburg in this terrific post noted), those tactics don't work anymore.  She's out of tricks now but holds the strategic high ground.  She's now Biden's apparent chosen successor, so there's no getting rid of her.  She's just waiting now for the passage of time to have the presidency handed to her, which explains her lack of interest in accomplishing anything serious.

So she doesn't have a single success to her name.  Her successes are in charming older men to get better jobs, not in governing well with a track record to show for it.

So now Klein wants her to have some little tasks in order to claim some kind of record of achievement.  He knows there's a problem. yet he's convinced she must be president anyway, perhaps to make him feel virtuous for electing a "historic first." 

He can't bring himself to admit that maybe Kamala herself is the problem.  And now it's getting embarrassing.

Image: Gage Skidmore via FlickrCC BY-SA 2.0.

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