Invasion of the Marxist Body Snatchers

Amid a bevy of science fiction novelists warning of perilous aliens, a sly masterpiece, The Invasion of the Body Snatchers, hit U.S. movie theaters in 1956. 

Told through the eyes of protagonist Psychiatrist Hill, the film noir thriller chronicles the invasion, in a small Californian town, of intergalactic pods filled with predators fleeing a faraway dying planet.  To survive, the invaders steal the bodies of sleeping humans, whose bodies turn to ashes when their emotionless doppelgängers are fully formed.  The good doctor knows something is afoot when multiple townsfolk report that their family members aren't themselves, seemingly transformed overnight into emotionless, affectless husks of themselves. 

President Biden, who ran as a middle-of-the-road Democrat, won the presidency by lying low in an underground bunker, while his lawless, power-hungry party blew up extant election laws under the cover of COVID-induced hysteria.  Once elected, he has emerged as an extreme leftist, hell-bent on smashing America's successes implemented by his predecessor, the much-maligned, slandered, defamed, and groundlessly prosecuted President Trump. 

Now his alt-left Democrat party is chomping through our Constitution and Bill of Rights, eviscerating the United States' hard-won energy independence, and cynically undermining the transformation of a soft Middle East accord into a clawback of anti-Israeli allegiances.  Joe and the Democrats have reimagined prejudice by exchanging their odious Jim Crow laws that thwarted the advances of black American successes in the South for an amorphous attack on all Caucasians, who by the color of their skin are unfairly and irrationally deemed genetically and irredeemably greedy racists who must be scorned and punished.  They have raised mediocrity as morally superior to excellence and busted open illegal access on our southern border, thereby ensuring another generation of inner-city black Americans who will be living as urban sharecroppers, suffering the indignities of low wages, inadequate education, and job scarcity.

Alternating between a dim-witted whispering dolt reading from cue cards and a pontificating holier-than-thou bureaucrat propounding that he and his power-mad bureaucrat minions know what's best, President Biden is chipping away at the pillars of American exceptionalism as they begin to crumble with predictable consequences. 

Tribal warfare has been evilly set upon us as black Americans are pitted against Caucasians, anti-Semitic rhetoric has infiltrated all areas of American society, and police understandably are reluctant to enforce the law. 

The "it's for the children" educational cabal has been exposed as power-mad and anti-American, disdaining the Americans who toil to pay their wages and testing their children as pawns. 

COVID pulled back the curtain on this blasphemy.  We have the answer.  Vote out the school boards.  Pull your kids out of schools.  Don't send your kids to colleges that are prejudiced.  Stand up to injustice and bullying.  It works. 

Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0.

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