FBI asks Americans to inform on family members and friends

What?  Can that headline be correct?  Regrettably, yes, it's true!

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is morphing into America's version of Nazi Germany's Gestapo.

In a tweet on July 11, the FBI asked Americans to spy on "family members and peers" for signs of "mobilization to violence" and report "suspicious behaviors."

The reason for denouncing Uncle Harry or Aunt Harriet, let alone Mom and Dad and one's brother or sister, is to prevent "extremist activities," the FBI tweet explained.

So now the United States really does have a "Big Brother" who is watching our every move, à la 1984.

It's called the FBI — Joe Biden's version of author George Orwell's "thought police."

Please don't take my word for it. Here's exactly what the FBI said in that tweet:

Family members and peers are often best positioned to witness signs of mobilization to violence. . . .[and] help prevent homegrown violent extremism. Visit https://go.usa.gov/x6mjf to learn how to spot suspicious behaviors and report them to the #FBI.

The tweet also included images of "suspicious" individuals accessing computers as well as a link to a government booklet that tells readers how to identify the signs that someone might be considering committing "extremist activities."

The booklet seems to be telling potential informers to become amateur psychologists with such diagnostic advice as this:

It is important to consider the totality of circumstances when observing potential indicators, as some factors may increase the risk of extremist violence in a given situation. Some factors include an individual who has an inability to cope with changes or perceived failures in relationships, school, or career.

"A history of violence (e.g., domestic violence or violence toward animals) and unstable mental state; social isolation or inability to join with or relate to others;" and a "possession of, access to, or familiarity with weapons or explosives" should be flagged," the FBI wrote.

In a previous post, I asked the question: "Are We Nazi Germany?"  As if the parallels there aren't enough, hundreds of American citizens and protestors who entered the U.S. Capitol building on January 6, 2021, are still being held by the federal government in solitary confinement with their habeas corpus rights suspended.  Many of these Americans have been behind bars for as long as five and six months without due process and are unable to speak to relatives.  Meanwhile, a Capitol cop who shot and killed an unarmed U.S. Air force veteran named Ashli Babbitt remains free, unpunished, and protected by the federal government.

Now we have yet another similarity — the government's insistence that we spy on and turn in friends and family members who we decide are "acting suspiciously."

Fortunately, some Congress members have pushed back on this new "snitch and lock up" scheme.

For example, Rep. Dan Bishop (R-Texas) has written:

These people (the FBI and intelligence community) protected Hillary, abused NSA surveillance databases against Americans, used known, unreliable DNC-funded propaganda to spy on Trump, perpetuated the Russia hoax, & lied to the FISC repeatedly. And now they tell you that you should spy on your family.

"In both Cuba & China, they also ask children to spy on their parents," added Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas).

Yes, folks, this is where we are today in Joe Biden's socialist utopia.  Our biggest threat is not Iran, Russia, or China.  It's the American people — especially those Americans who supported and voted for Donald Trump in 2016 and 2020.

More specifically, it is white Americans, who, if we are to believe Biden and his leftist and socialist cohorts, apparently are all white supremacists, insurrectionists, and domestic terrorists.

This is not my America, or at least not the one I grew up in and which I agreed to defend with my life as a soldier in the United States Army.

This is an unrecognizable, treacherous place, where the government in Washington views the 75 million Americans who voted for and who still support Donald Trump as enemies to be stalked and kept under surveillance.

This is a land where crime is rampant, where dangerous criminals are released without bail to murder, rape, and steal at will, where our borders are open to all who want to cross them, where illegal aliens are put up in hotels at the taxpayers' expense.  At the same time, hundreds of thousands of homeless Americans and military veterans sleep on our streets.

It's a place where our children are being indoctrinated with Marxist Critical Race Theory disguised as "honest history" so they will grow up hating America and believing that if they are white, they are oppressors, and if they are black, brown, red, or yellow, they are the oppressed.

This is an America where our mentally challenged, demented occupant of the White House behaves more like "der Führer" than an American president.  And it's a place where a complicit Democrat party of fulminating socialists encourages Biden's relentless socialist conquest of America.

What's next?  Concentration camps?

Ronald E. Yates is an author, former foreign correspondent for the Chicago Tribune, and Professor & Dean Emeritus of Journalism at the University of Illinois.

Image via Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain.

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