Don't focus on Biden’s dementia; focus on his substantive statements

It's easy to laugh at Joe Biden's incoherence during Wednesday night's town hall in Cincinnati, Ohio.  The hall was at least half empty, a stone-faced Don Lemon struggled not to giggle or burst into tears (I couldn't tell which), and Biden's word soup was worse even than it usually is.  But Deb Heine, one of the most astute conservative writers, tweeted out something very important that made me realize that Joe, no matter how quickly he's decomposing, is still acting as a mouthpiece telling us what our future holds.

The stories about Biden's serious mental lapses are all over the internet.  At American Thinker, however, Thomas Lifson says something important, which is that Biden seemed to be trying to track information coming to him over a discreet earpiece.  It's in that context, I think, that Deb Heine's question is important:

What does it tell you that Joe Biden's handlers let him do that CNN Town Hall last night, knowing he would be sun-downing at that hour, and unable to think on his feet, resulting in an embarrassing train wreck for the whole world to see?

What it tells me is that the forces behind Biden no longer care that you know he's merely a puppet.  What's important is that, hiding behind the babble and gibberish, you hear loud and clear the messages they're channeling through him.  Let's go through what Biden said at the town hall, throw away the chaff, and highlight the wheat.

Lemon asked, "But what do you say to people who are worried about a new round of restrictions and mask mandates and so forth?"  Biden does a lot of idiotic verbal dancing and then gets to the point: "Get vaccinated."  You didn't hear that from Biden; you heard that from the powers behind the throne.  The very next day, on CNN, which operates as a White House outlet, a doctor announces that everyone in America must wear a mask until everyone in America is provably vaccinated:

It's irrelevant that the escapades of the "fleebag" Texas Dems show that vaccinations will neither keep people from catching or spreading COVID.  There's evidence that it makes symptoms milder, but that's not a big selling point.  No matter.  You will be vaccinated.

After verbal vomit about teachers and vaccinations for children, Biden eventually spat out another fact we should keep in mind:

[S]ometime maybe in the beginning of the school year — at the end of August, beginning of September, October — they'll [the vaccine manufacturers] get final approval saying the FDA said, "No, this is it. It's good."

Whether anybody will trust the FDA is irrelevant.  We'll still be exposed to a whole new level of pressure to force the vaccine onto everyone.  And why would the administration do that?  Theoretically, to eradicate COVID — only we know that's not going to happen.  That being the case, a lot of people are reasonably going to assume that the Biden administration has a more nefarious plan.

A pediatrician planted in the audience asked, "What is the White House doing to combat medical misinformation and to restore America's faith in science?"  Once again, when you cut through Biden's word effluvia and get to what's fed through the earpiece...well, be warned.

Biden insisted that he was joking when he said that the White House was focusing on 12 individuals.  Still, he said, the administration is going to use "every avenue we can — public, private, government, non-government — to try to get the facts out, what they really are."

And then, after noting that "one of those other networks is not a big fan of mine," he was savvy enough to point out a fact that others have noticed:

But if you noticed, as they say in that southern part of my state, "They've had an altar call," some of those guys. All of a sudden, they're out there saying, "Let's get vaccinated.  Let's get vaccinated."  The very people who before this were saying...

Is Biden right that Sean Hannity suddenly had a come to Jesus moment?  I doubt it.  What's more likely is that he — or his bosses — got a subtly threatening call from the administration.

Biden didn't try for subtlety about the Second Amendment.  He boasted, as always, about his assault weapons ban (which was useless in reducing crime) and made his usual inane statement about big magazines.  What was important was his announcement that he's going to target gun-dealers:

I've gotten ATF — Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms — I have them increase their budget and increase their capacity, along with the Justice Department, to go after the gun shops that are not abiding by the law of doing background checks. 


So, we're going to do major investigations and shut those guys down and put some of them in jail and — for what they're doing: selling these weapons. 

This is a threat, and you need to take it very seriously.  In the San Francisco Bay Area, the locals successfully harassed gun shops and ranges into nonexistence.  Here in South Carolina, there is an enviable number of shops and ranges because the locals support them.  What's going to happen to them, though, if the ATF and the FBI start harassing them so much that they can no longer take the risk of staying in business?

Ignore Joe's nonsense.  We all know that his mind is decaying, and his handlers aren't bothering to hide it.  But when he suddenly makes those "hard fact" pronouncements, recognize that his handlers are telling you their plans, and be worried.

Image: Joe Biden town hall (cropped; edited in Pixlr).  YouTube screen grab.

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