Don't be intimidated!

Intimidation.  It's a word we all might not like to think of, but it's a word that affects us, and we don't even know it.  We have seen those in the press, social media, academia, and politics try to intimidate us.  In the past two years, we have seen progressives and the liberal Democrats try to intimidate us with two impeachments, a pandemic, false charges of racism, rioting in the streets, and a fraudulent election.  They have tried to tell us that all these things are factual and real when the facts prove otherwise.  Constitutional scholars would tell us there was no basis for Trump's impeachments.  Chinese scientists warned that the experiments with viruses that were going on in the Wuhan labs were dangerous and should be stopped, but the health care bureaucracy kept on funding them anyway.  The progressives and liberals would lead us to believe that all police officers are racist when the facts show that 97% of all police interactions with people of all races are positive and professional.  The Democrats would claim that the 2020 presidential election was above board despite the fact that literally hundreds of people witnessed the voter fraud.

So why do people keep drinking the Kool-Aid and believe otherwise?  Why do people tend to become victimized by the brainwashing and intimidation by networks such as CNN and NBC, scholars who believe Critical Race Theory is legitimate, and movements like Black Lives Matter who have a Marxist platform at their core?  I have even heard fellow conservatives and patriots say, "Trump has no chance of winning in 2024.  They won't let him, and I will vote for someone else."  Really?  They?  Who is "They"?  Are you going to let the "they" intimidate you?

I am afraid that is what we have allowed to happen.  This is the same thing that terrorists try to do: they try to intimidate us into not doing something.  They use fear to change our behavior.

Recently, I have heard Joe Biden and his cronies speak a lot about domestic terrorism.  The truth is that the progressives and the leftist Democrats have become the new domestic terrorists.  They don't want you to vote for Trump in 2024, and they don't want you to speak out and support your conservative values.  They themselves are so afraid of Trump that they have banned him from Facebook for two years.

We have been intimidated into believing that if we exercise our 1st Amendment rights, we may lose our job, or get kicked off Facebook.  If we defend our Jewish and Christian beliefs concerning things like sexual perversion and the right to life, the same thing could happen.  We are intimidated into believing that the 2nd Amendment is no longer applicable to us, and we cannot defend ourselves.  Thus, we go off like lambs to the slaughter.

True patriots cannot give in to this kind of intimidation.  We must stand firm and be bold.  Our patriot forefathers did not allow themselves to be intimidated when others tried to take their rights away.  Even the Scriptures tell us to stand firm.  We must counter the counterculture.  Yes, others have lost their jobs, but we must vigorously defend our rights in the courts and not be forced to kowtow.  If we always allow the threat of potential litigation to keep us from defending our constitutional rights, we have become nothing more than a socialist dictatorship bowing to the demands of tyranny.  We must stand up to this intimidation.  Our constitutional republic depends on it.  The rights we have as citizens in this republic depend on it.  Our children and grandchildren depend on it.  Let's not let intimidation get the best of us!

Image: Otto Semler.

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