Will the Democrats have broad smiles on their faces at the end of their Jan. 6 kangaroo inquisition?

For reasons not yet explained, the media refer to the date of the demonstration at the Capitol six months ago as "Jan. 6," not "January 6."  The forthcoming kangaroo inquisition on the event, under the aegis of Speaker Pelosi, will likely, then, be called "The Jan. 6 Hearing" — if not the "Trump-Provoked Insurrection Hearing."

 If the reason for the abbreviated use of the first month of the year, in the context of the Capitol demonstration, is unclear, the purpose of the Pelosi-directed kangaroo inquisition is perfectly clear: to smear the Republican Party as the party of insurrection, racism, and authoritarianism.  Will the GOP house leadership hand Pelosi the sword to decapitate them — figuratively?

This writer covered the January 27, 2007 anti-Bush protest of leftists in the vicinity of the Capitol.  The images obtained included those of Hollywood celebrities, including Susan Sarandon, Jane Fonda, and Sean Penn, as well as members of Congress including a dour John Conyers and a smiling Jerrold Nadler.

Will the performance, indeed participation of congressional Republicans during this kangaroo inquisition be such as to have Rep. Nadler smile even more broadly than the smile this writer captured via a Canon camera using film, some fourteen and a half years ago? 

Photo credit: David Zukerman.

My late father, Sol Zukerman, had a few pithy comments for various occasions; one of those remarks was "no good will come of this."  What good could possibly emerge from Pelosi's kangaroo inquisition — unless this show trial serves to discredit Pelosi & Company?  Have congressional Republicans given the broad conservative base any reason to think that at the end of the kangaroo inquisition, the media will bemoan the Democrats for throwing away any chance to prevent a Republican takeover of House and Senate in 2022 — or is it more likely than not that congressional Republicans will spend their time joining the left in blaming Donald J. Trump for the threat to democracy that befell the Republic the afternoon of "Jan. 6" at the Capitol?

There was no threat to democracy in any part of Washington, D.C. on "Jan. 6."  What occurred at the Capitol was more of a demonstration than what occurred at Lafayette Square on June 1, 2020, and, certainly, more of a demonstration than the violence in Minneapolis, Portland, Oregon, and Seattle among other U.S. cities, the troubled year of 2020, violence that led to Democrat cries of "defund the police."

Where are our Republican leaders to denounce the false claims of insurrection, of threats to democracy, of conspiracies to overturn the 2020 election that the Democrats and their media allies spew forth at regular intervals, and, no doubt, will be spewing forth with even greater intensity during the run of Pelosi's kangaroo inquisition?

Sad to relate, isn't it more likely that in the course of the kangaroo inquisition, Republicans will be heard declaring how Trump is bound to lose if he makes another try for the presidency in 2024 — and will take the Republican Party down with him — if not even sooner, with the 2022 elections?

What the past five years should have shown to patriots committed to the founding legacy of individual liberty and justice for all is that "the swamp" is not easily drained in one presidential term.  The unfounded investigation of President Trump for colluding with Russia — the baseless impeachments I and II, falsely tarring Mr. Trump for looking into questionable ties of the Bidens, father and son, to a Ukrainian energy company; and then denouncing Mr. Trump for simply exercising his First Amendment rights on January 6 — provides ample evidence of the left's desperate attempt to retain political, and therefore economic and social — power in the U.S.  Where the motto of West Point is "Duty, Honor, Country," an honest motto for Democrats would proclaim: "Power, Ambition, Party."

What Donald J. Trump is all about is this: "Power to the people."  No wonder he is so hated and loathed by the aggrandizing class that intends to transform America into its image, an image that conflates dissent with treason, an image that cannot tolerate irreverence — which has become an offense deserving instant dismissal from employment, from career, from reputation.

And yet, Mark Twain inscribed these words in his notebook when he was writing A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court:: "Irreverence is the champion of liberty and its only sure defense."

Now think back to July 2016.  Candidate Trump, during a news conference, asked Russia for help in finding Hillary Clinton's missing 30,000 emails.  The media went kablooey.

The left would not accept candidate Trump's explanation that he was just joking — or, in terms of sage Twain, being irreverent.  Quite the contrary: The media's leading leftists saw this irreverent comment as evidence that Donald J. Trump was beholden to Russia's President Vladimir Putin.  And so the totalitarian-minded left will respond with horror at any expression of conservative jocularity — that is to say, at any form of freedom of expression.

This is the mindset that the country will be facing when Pelosi's kangaroo inquisition convenes.  Republicans should denounce this committee as the House Un-Woke Activities Committee — or HUWAC.  One asks, somewhat forlornly, is there a Republican member of the House with the courage of a Donald J. Trump to respond with justifiable irreverence at the Democrats' aims to demolish democracy as we know it, and as it should be, faithful, yes, faithful to the Founders' vision?

Perhaps this question should be asked of a Kevin McCarthy, an Elise Stefanik, a Steve Scalise, or a Jim Jordan:

do you expect that at the end of the kangaroo inquisition into false claims regarding "Jan. 6," Judiciary chairman Jerrold Nadler will be grinning even broader than the grin caught in an image of him at an anti-Bush demonstration in January 2007?  This conservative populist hopes the response would be "no way."

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