Democrats are full of baloney about 'drive-thru voting' and more

Democrats say drive-thru voting, where you fill out your ballot and drive through to deposit it in a drop box, presumably with an attendant, but sometimes not, is necessary to prevent to voter suppression.  They've gotten onto this bandwagon with the road-show of the Texas Democrat fleebag legislators, who ran away from their duty to vote.

In my research, I failed to locate many states at all that allow drive-thru voting, and the only places I found allowed it for the first time in 2020, due to COVID.

I have been voting in Democrat-run Illinois for fifty years without drive-thru capabilities, and not once have I seen any journalist, or President Obama, or Dick Durbin, or Joe Biden, or Tammy Duckworth, or Nancy Pelosi, or Chuck Schumer, or anyone else claim that this limited any minority's ability to vote in the past.  Suddenly, they claim it's a problem for them.

The only place I found that allowed 24-hour voting in 2020 was Houston, and it appeared to start on Oct. 30, a week before the 2020 election.

Yet most journalists, as well as the Texas Democrats who ran from their responsibilities, and other Democrats are now spreading the lie that any limits Texas Republicans seek to put on drive-thru or 24-hour voting are racist and meant to prohibit minorities from voting.  Why don't they go after Democrat-run states that don't allow these practices?  Because they don't really care.  It is all political talking points to intentionally mislead the public.

Joe Biden is repeating the lie that all voter integrity laws by Republicans are the equivalent of Jim Crow laws.  He is claiming that these laws are the greatest threat to our Constitution since the Civil War.  He then claims that is no hyperbole, that is the truth.  One of the most obnoxious things Biden continues to say, when he pretends he is telling the truth, is some version of "that is the word of a Biden."  Most journalists know how Joe Biden has lied and plagiarized continuously throughout his political career and don't care, but why would we ever think "the word of a Biden" is worth anything?

Jim Clyburn and other Democrats are now lying by claiming they have never been against voter ID laws because they know that most people, including minorities, support them.  For years, most of the media and other Democrats have intentionally lied that voter ID laws are racist, in their attempt to gin up racial hate and division, and now they lie that they never said that.

Even the Washington Post knew that:

Washington Post hammers Clyburn with Four Pinocchios for claiming Democrats never opposed voter ID

The social media giants Facebook, Twitter, and Google claim they censor to limit misinformation and hate speech.  So why aren't they canceling all the journalists, Democrats, and others who perpetually lie about voter integrity laws, since the misinformation is clearly meant to gin up racial hate and division?

The media know that election officials in several states changed election rules without getting the required legislative approval but don't care about the laws or the truth.  After all, their candidate won.  I bet they would have complained as Democrats did in 2016 after Trump won.

Remember this?

Trump's Electoral College Victory Challenged by Democrats

Democratic lawmakers planned to challenge President-elect Donald Trump's Electoral College victory on Friday in a largely symbolic move that is unlikely to gain traction in the Republican-controlled U.S. Congress but exposes lingering dismay over a contentious election campaign.

Journalists, Biden, Stacey Abrams, CEOs, Major League Baseball honchos, and other Democrats were willing to greatly harm Atlanta and minorities with massive financial losses with the lies they spread about the Georgia integrity law.  They clearly care more about power than the truth or helping minorities move up the economic ladder.

One of the greatest threats to our democracy, freedom, prosperity, and survival as a great country is if the media and other Democrats are able to collude and do a totalitarian takeover of elections from the states.  That is not hyperbole; that is the truth.

Another great threat to our freedom, democracy, prosperity, and survival is when the powerful government colludes with media outlets to control what people say about voter laws, COVID, the racist Critical Race Theory, climate change, or any other subject to indoctrinate the public on what to believe the truth is.  That is what communists do.  

These people, and entities, who want to violate our constitutional free speech rights are the same ones who willingly spread the known lies about Russian collusion for years, blocked the truthful information about the corruption of the Biden family, and blocked crucial questions about the Wuhan lab for a year.

Why should we trust them to determine the truth on anything since their overriding goal is to remake America, elect Democrats, and pass the radical leftist agenda to move America toward a more powerful government where more people, especially minorities are dependent on the government.

Image: HTM via Wikimedia CommonsCC BY 4.0.

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