Conservatives must stay focused, remember the big picture

You're not alone.  It's easy to feel overwhelmed by media coverage of current events, disturbed by conflict and vitriol at all levels of society, and confused over what and whom to believe.  Many of us share an uneasy sense that something wrong is going on all around, but it's too hard to understand, too threatening or too big to do anything about.  So we're tempted to just tune it all out, hole up in our personal worlds, and go with the daily flow.

But as tempting as that avoidant approach may be, once it becomes the majority view, it's the formula for perpetual mass hopelessness, helplessness, and societal suicide.  Alternately, if you zoom out, stand back, and look at the big picture, common threads can emerge to help put the madness in a more manageable perspective, thereby making it easier to cope and find hope.

For example, if you understand that Critical Race Theory and the Black Lives Matter movement have their roots in Marxism and don't actually, as claimed, aim to improve education or the lives of Black Americans, things may start to make sense.  The truth is that these are merely deceptively titled tactics in the Marxist toolkit for dividing us against ourselves under the false guise of "systemic racism."  The self-identified Marxist architects of these movements know that once the majority is bludgeoned into silence for fear of being incorrectly and unfairly labeled as "racists," that opens the way to overthrow our nation's status quo and allow socialism (a pleasant-sounding euphemism for communism) to take power.  It's not about racial justice; it's about establishing communist rule using race as a divisive wedge.

Once we realize what the endgame really is, it becomes easier to see how other applications of divisive tactics work together as part of a Marxist long-con power-grab.  It becomes apparent how the powerful yet largely anonymous global elite have been conspiring to divide us by fueling woke "social justice" movements and by controlling our government officials and institutions, our news and social media, our educational systems, our entertainment and sports industries, and even corporate America.  They have created divisive social conflict all around us on the bases of not just race, but also of sexuality, sex, age, wealth, political affiliation, religion, and now even vaccination status.  These divisive tactics had all been subtly played out behind the scenes for decades.  But now, with the driving political forces behind this plan feeling particularly (and hopefully falsely) emboldened, they're coming out of the shadows into plain sight for all to see.

Why divide the American people against themselves?  Because engineered social division, combined with the tactics of mass fear, isolation, censorship, language and thought control, misinformation, and miseducation collectively constitute the Marxist strategy for turning the U.S. into a totalitarian communist state, easily subsumed into a global one-world government (research "The Great Reset").

Make no mistake.  This is not the stuff of paranoid "conspiracy theory."  And even if it were, consider the old saying: "Just because you're paranoid, that doesn't mean they're not out to get you."  Global communist domination has been planned and anticipated for many decades.  And wherever communism has achieved a foothold, it has left millions severely oppressed, poor, hungry, sick, and dead, while only a select few elites enjoy the benefits of power.  It's real and coming to roost in America and in the community, family, and personal life of every American.

I urge all Americans to remember the '60s axiom "if you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem."  Through passive acceptance of media messaging, unquestioning compliance with authoritarian directives, avoidance of unpleasant truths, and abandonment of faith in God, I fear we're allowing the Marxists to succeed.  Take a cue from the people of Cuba, Venezuela, the former USSR, and so many other consistently failed communist governments of the world, and prove me wrong.

Take the "red pill," open your eyes, and see through the lies and manipulation.  Speak out against the madness and find hope and strength in unity, truth, and faith.  Don't let them divide us against one another, for united we stand, divided we fall.  United, we are not alone.

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