Biden's Mack truck factory speech

Yesterday, on July 28, President Biden gave a speech at the Mack truck assembly plant in the Lehigh Valley in Pennsylvania, and until near the end, it actually was a well delivered speech.

For the most part, Biden spoke about his plans to promote his Build and Buy in America program.  He spoke with passion and conviction, with very few of his customary Bidenism bloopers.  It was clear that he understood his subject and believed in it fully.  Basically, he wants America to be as self-sufficient in manufacturing as it possibly can be, and that includes making the government buy in America if it's at all possible.  It is actually a theme that Donald Trump himself would agree with, given that he's said such things himself.  I have long thought economic self-sufficiency is a component of overall national security, and I was gladdened by his words.

But with Biden, there is always the inevitable but...

At the 29:05 mark, the Bidenisms began to cluster in earnest.

... Given half a chance, there's not a stingle single thing you can't do ...

... And right here, on this factory floor, you're makin' a product (singular), that are (plural) fighting climate change.  That's why I wanna hear "climate change" I think "jobs" ...

I've noticed that when Biden begins clippin' his verbs, Bidenisms are sure to be nearby.

Then there was Biden's self-admitted "Freudian slip" of mentioning Donald Trump when he meant Obama.

... Lemme close with this: Back in 2009, during the so-called "Great Recession," the president asked me to be in charge of, managing that piece, then President Trump.  'Scuse me, Freudian slip — 'at was the last president, he caused — anyway, that wa preh, President Obama, when I was vice president ...

Note the self-aborted attempt at dishonesty.  BiteMe's instinctive impulse was to try to blame Trump for...something.  BiteMe first wanted to blame Trump for the "Great Recession" of 2009 but instantly realized that would not fly.  Then he wanted to blame Trump for 2020's "Great Recession" but just as quickly realized that too would not fly, since that was caused by the China virus, for which Trump wasn't responsible.  So he just had to let it fly away.

34:00 — ... A lot of the rest of the world (singular) is hedgin' their (plural) bets, whether to move toward autocracy, or stay with democracies ...

At this point, BiteMe repeated the nonsense that America is unique in that it is the only nation ever founded on an "idea."

34:31 — ... 'At's who we are.  'At's America.  We're the most unique nation in the history of the world.  Not a joke.  By that I mean, every other nation, was put together, based on ethnicity, on religion, geography, but not America.  America's the most unique nation in the world, and literally, we based on the i — the idea, an idea, an idea, is what formed America, an' the idea was — it sounds corny but it is absolutely true — no other nation has this as organizing principle: "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men and women are created equal, endowed by their Creator" ...

  1. Marxism is an idea.  Many nations are and have been founded on this idea.
  2. Religion is an idea.  In fact, religion is the grandest idea of them all, because God is the Greatest Idea of them all.  But some, such as Iran's religious theocrats, interpret that idea in funny ways.
  3. And of course, the United States is also founded on geography.  Only because America was separated by vast oceans from the rest of the civilized world could America develop and become America.

But this isn't the end of the story of Biden's visit to the Mack truck plant.  Biden strayed off the reservation again by needlessly puffing up his work history with a likely false proletarian claim that he once drove an 18-wheeler.

The RNC issued this tweet showing Biden claiming to have driven an 18-wheeler at one point in his life.  

Evidently, Biden was walking around on the plant floor either before or after his speech.  One catches only a glimpse of Biden himself in the video of the tweet, but one can clearly hear him making the claim to someone.

Biden says, "And...anyway."  Then follows about one second's worth of crosstalk which is difficult to make out but in which Biden says, "I used to — ."  Then Biden clearly says, "... drive an 18-wheeler, man."  So the entire sentence is, "I used to drive an 18-wheeler, man."  Then, after a couple more seconds of crosstalk, Biden can be heard to say, "I got to."

Here is a link to the Daily Wire's story about it.

This kind of gaffe is what the world of sports calls an "unforced error," that is to say, a needless error, one that he didn't have to make and which could not help him even if he got away with the lie. 

Why would he do it?  What conceivable kind of insecurity could drive him to make such a ridiculous and useless claim at this point in his life and career?

It started off well, but in the end, it went downhill.

Image: Clyde Robinson via Wikimedia CommonsCC BY-2.0.

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