Biden's downfall will be in the standard of living

Have you been watching economists around the world discussing the American economy?  Extremely interesting conversations.  One of the things they have in common is that they are unable to arrive at a logical reason why there exists no financially sound basis for the high public spending the government is doing.

This leads us to a bright ray of hope coming our way.  For as long as I can remember, the economy has always been the number-one concern of voters, always, and therein is the light.

The influence of the radical left on our government is about to be its downfall.  This government is leading us down the path to a financial crisis.  Although investors may find an opportunity to profit, the rest of us will see the costs for goods and services higher than we have ever seen.  It's already happening.

Well, that's good for government.  The bureaucrats still get what they want: investors make money, and we pay the bills.

We have elections coming up.  By that time the economy (meaning us) will be struggling, and it will be clear to all how high these bills are that we're paying.  This administration has placed itself in a situation where it will lose the House and Senate, at which point the rest of us can begin the healing.  In this election, premised as it is on the state of the economy, it is irrelevant to the person voting what party he is in.  That's because people will be voting for a standard of living. To achieve that, they need a change in government to improve that standard of living.  At that point, we have a united America, all voting together for change.

It's all about which party is going to raise the standard of living, regardless of which party a voter may belong to.  The Democrats (who have lost their party to the radical left) have injured their own supporters; they have reduced everyone's standard of living for no logical reason and are doing other harm to America.  All voters' concerns will be to keep the government from doing further harm.  It comes down to basic survival instincts for the voter.

So I predict that the upcoming elections, around a year away, will result in a change in government that will improve our lives.  Yes, there is a bright light, very bright: if government fails to give us honesty in these elections, we will win with fairness, and that will be the result of massive numbers of voters exercising their most valuable right.  I believe that this voter turnout will make history.  It will clearly define what the majority of Americans want from government.  The majority will always win if they make the effort.  Once they clearly feel the effects of our economy (not to mention crime, immigration, etc.), I know that each and every American will make that effort.  This will be the most massive election in American history.

Now, for the party in control of the People's House after the elections: Be attentive.  You also have some amends to make.  Some of you have not acted in America's best interest, and we know who you are.  No more games, deals, no acting in your best interest.  You are there to act in our best interest, and the time is coming to do so.  We are sick and tired of what is going on in America, and we expect change.  We tell you what we want, and you make it happen — that is how this republic works.  The time is coming for all American patriots from all parties to make a change in government for their own best interest.

We have the rights, and we have the tools.  Now we just need to stand up and use them.

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