Biden once again is nasty to a reporter

Notwithstanding the media's efforts to sell Biden as an avuncular type, he's a mean man and always has been.  What's been occurring with increasing frequency is Biden's snapping at reporters who ask questions he can't or won't answer.  It happened again on Monday, when he snapped at NBC's Kelly O'Donnell for asking about the Department of Veterans' Affairs' vaccine mandate.  And typically for a leftist, O'Donnell forgave him the slight.  Trump, who was never so blatantly rude, wouldn't have gotten the same pass.

Biden was a famously nasty man before he entered the Oval House.  During his first run at the White House at the end of the 1980s, he started his longstanding pattern of insulting voters who dared challenge him.  He's made racist comments; insulted Blacks to their face; and, in the ultimate nastiness, allegedly assaulted Tara Reade in 1993, an incident confirmed by the contemporaneous evidence of her own mother's phone call to the Larry King Show.  And if you want nasty, there's all his pawing of little girls and grown women.

But if the reporters are leftists, they'll forgive anything a Democrat president does.  Back in 1998, Nina Burleigh expressed the general attitude reporters had to Democrat presidents when she said of Bill Clinton, "I'd be happy to give him [oral 'sex'] just to thank him for keeping abortion legal."  The media are not honest brokers.  If they like your politics, you can do no wrong; if they disagree with your politics, they will destroy you.

Biden's rudeness started in November, after the election, when he insulted a reporter for doing his job and asking questions:

On his very first day in the Oval Office, as his flacks tried desperately to herd away the reporters, Biden snapped at a reporter who asked about vaccinations:

In May, Biden got nasty with a reporter who asked about masks:

As his administration continues to be criticized for sending mixed messages to Americans on face mask use, President Biden snapped at a reporter Friday who asked why he wore one to a sparsely attended indoor event.

The reporter asked Biden why he chooses "to wear a mask so often when you're vaccinated and you're around other people who are vaccinated."

"Because I'm worried about you," Biden shot back in a serious tone.

After a dramatic pause, Biden quickly backtracked, insisting, "No, that's a joke. It's a joke."

In mid-June, in the lead-up to the Geneva summit, a CNN reporter asked Biden, who was boasting about his productive talks with Putin, why he thought Putin would "change his behavior."  Biden started to yell at her; pulled back; gave a stupid answer; and, when she pushed again, told her, "You're in the wrong business."

On Monday, the pattern repeated itself:

That insult, followed by an "I'm joking" statement, is a classic passive-aggressive way of insulting someone.  Among my parents' generation (and Biden is closer to them generationally than he is to me), all the women complained that their husbands did just that: they'd insult the women to their faces and then say, "I'm joking" or "You have no sense of humor."

O'Donnell, true to her leftist philosophy, refused to take offense:

Trump may have railed about fake news, but he was never so rude to individual members of the media.  Nothing, though, blunted their hatred and contempt for the man.

Tonight, while watching Mark Steyn hosting the Tucker Carlson show, I remarked that I understand those, like my sister, who never watch the news: it's really depressing.  And then I caught myself and said, "It was never depressing during Trump's presidency."  The media may have been unhappy, but the news was good.  Now the news is horrible, and the guy in the White House is a nasty, pervy old man, but the media are in hog heaven.  What awful people they all are.

Image: Biden being nasty.  Twitter screen grab.

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