Biden is using the military to ship illegal aliens across America

Tucker Carlson opened his show Wednesday night by announcing that he'd gotten information from a whistleblower about Biden's latest activity to bring illegal aliens into America.  It turns out that the military has been involved in secretly transporting illegal aliens (or, as the military coyly calls them, "undocumented non-citizens") to resettle them in America's heartland.  The administration is acting illegally, and there's a good argument that every person involved — the President, Vice President, congressional Democrats,  and the military officers signing off on this scheme — must be impeached.

As Tucker explains, in the last six months, despite explicit laws detailing orderly immigration (laws that reflect the will of the people through their legislature), the Biden administration has opened America's southern border.  Under Biden's aegis, one million Latin Americans (plus people from Africa and the Middle East) have flooded into America...and then they've vanished.  We know that the administration has been shipping them to red states.  What we learned from Tucker is that the United States military, which is sworn to protect America against invasions, is complicit in this conduct.

Here's Tucker's report.  In addition to breaking the story, he makes an extremely important point about the fact that Biden and his puppet masters are deliberately and illegally changing America entirely against the will of the American people.

ICE confirmed the whistleblower's claim:

And here’s Tucker's conversation with Stephen Miller, who makes the case that what Biden is doing is not just illegal, but also unconstitutional and deserving of impeachment:

Of course, the current Democrat-run Congress wouldn't dream of impeaching Biden.  Instead, it is complicit in this plan.  It is imperative that we get Republican control over Congress — although I must say the current crop of Republicans is so cowed by fear of being tarred as racists, insurrectionists, or White supremacists that they're useless quislings.  So it's not just imperative to get Republican control over Congress; it's imperative to get courageous conservatives into Congress.

Once that's done, let the impeachments begin — and I meant "impeachments plural."  Everyone in the administration and the upper levels of Congress is involved in what's happening here — and what's happening here is so grossly illegal that it constitutes the most serious violation of these people's oaths to abide by the Constitution and the laws of the United States.  You could say it's turtles all the way down.  Impeach Biden, Kamala, Pelosi, Schumer, Milley, and any other government official involved in this travesty.

And what about the illegal aliens now in America?  You'll hear that it's impossible to deport so many.  That may be true, but we've already learned that if you cut off benefits, most will self-deport.  The first thing a conservative Congress should do is end all benefits for people here illegally — health care, education, housing, everything.

As I've said before, I don't blame these people at all for leaving their shabby, corrupt, pathetic homelands for the more affluent America, especially because Biden has extended the (illegal) welcome mat for them.  Bring in enough cheap, illegal labor, though, all with the expected potential to vote for Democrats, and we too will be a shabby, corrupt, pathetic country.  The illegal aliens need to go back and fix their own countries, rather than drag down ours.

Image: Busing illegal aliens across America.  YouTube screen grab.

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