A win-win exchange and prodigal Americans

Over the past weekend, we saw Cubans protesting Communism and calling for "libertad" in Havana.  As I recall similar protests in Hong Kong and Beijing, the answer seems obvious to me.  Let's offer a swap.  Let the freedom-lovers come here, and let the wannabe Marxists in our country leave for the "workers' paradises" of Cuba, China, and North Korea.

The wannabe Marxists in this country are so unhappy.  They see our nation as broken beyond repair.  The ideas in their minds convince them that "they can make communism work" where others have failed.  Instead, let them migrate to lands compatible with their politics.

Maybe they can make communism work in those places, but I doubt it.  Instead of moaning endlessly about the fatal flaws of freedom here in America, let our Marxist "control freaks" go to places where the Marxist elites control everything.  Were there ever two groups of "like-minded" people who deserve each other more?

Here in America, we'd have to cope with some changes once our Marxists leave.  Since many American Marxists occupy leadership roles in American public schools and universities, significant vacancies would develop.  Could America survive without our leftist educators?  I think we could.  It would be an adjustment, but I suspect we would thrive without our leftist educators.

Many other closet Marxists occupy places in the federal civil service.  Their departure would cause brief disruptions of service.  When they are replaced, however, by freedom-loving Americans, the federal civil service will once again be public servants instead of "useful idiots" secretly advancing Marxism.

Even though the leftist extremists in America control most of the news, they are having a hard time explaining the visuals coming out of Cuba, China, and North Korea.  Are people sneaking into Cuba, China, and North Korea?  If not, why not?  In China, we see the communists doing all they can to control their people.  People yearn for freedom.

Freedom and hope for a better life are the reasons why people are still trying to get into America.  Do we have problems?  Sure, but we also have a history of facing down our problems and dealing with them.

As I write this, I suspect that many of the American Marxists who leave for those "workers' paradises" in Cuba, China, and North Korea will quickly discover in their new homes that freedom was not as bad as they thought.  If these prodigal Americans want to come home after tasting communism, should we allow them to return?  I say yes, but will their new masters allow them the freedom to return?  Freedom says "yes," but communism says "no."

Image: Democratic Socialists of America by Cory Doctorow.  CC BY-SA 2.0.\

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