A reminder of basic, politics-transcending humanity from Chuck Norris

While browsing through the articles yesterday on WND, I read a piece by Chuck Norris in which he praised movie icon Harrison Ford, touching on his early struggles and the traditional work ethic that helped him survive the lean years.  He also wished him a happy 79th birthday, the lead-in for the article.

Norris, renowned martial artist and action movie star, is a staunch conservative and a devoutly religious man, having published numerous Christian-themed books.  He is a regular columnist for WND, touching on everything from the Founding Fathers to Big Tech tyranny.  But his piece on Ford is totally non-political, focusing on the values and work ethic of a young man striving to become a successful actor.  As Norris notes, Ford used his skills as a carpenter to support his wife and their two sons, all the while waiting for the "big break."  That break came in 1977, when the relatively unknown Ford garnered the role of Han Solo in Star Wars.  The rest, as they say, is history.

While Norris points to some similarities in their upbringings, their career paths, and their work in the action movie genre, the two are quite different in many ways, especially from a political standpoint.  As previously noted, Chuck Norris is an outspoken Christian conservative.  At the other end of the spectrum, Harrison Ford is the archetypal Hollywood liberal, who likely never saw a Progressive cause he was unwilling to jump into with both feet.  A lifelong Democrat, you can count on Ford to be near the front of the line for a myriad of left-wing causes, from gun control to climate change to removing the Hetch Hetchy Dam.  From a political perspective, Chuck Norris and Harrison Ford are polar opposites.

After finishing the article, I scanned the comments posted at the end of the piece.  Some readers thanked Norris for a positive, feel-good article; others were mildly disgruntled that he had nice things to say about an über-liberal activist.

"I like his and Tom Hanks films but both are liberal progressives," one reader posted.  "I would much rather see you do a story about Tom Selleck, one of the few remaining conservatives in Hollywood."

"You are kidding — Harrison Ford?" another reader queried.  "Slow news day [at] WND?"

"Ford is a woke fool," another bluntly opined.

I understand how some readers of a conservative online magazine might be a bit puzzled at Chuck Norris's flattering birthday card to an arch-lefty like Harrison Ford.  But consider this: Norris might be a staunch conservative, but he's also a devout Christian activist and author.  He admires Harrison Ford not only for his success in a difficult business, but, first and foremost, for his hard work and resilience in struggling to reach the pinnacle of his trade.  Chuck Norris is not judging Harrison Ford based on their political differences; he's putting that aside and admiring him for certain values they share.  I'm not an overly religious man, but I'd say Chuck Norris is being a good Christian.  We could use a little more of that nowadays, to put it mildly.

Chuck Norris should be praised for writing an article that showcases his Christian values in these bitterly partisan times.  He's a man of principle.  If I ever stumble across the writings of a liberal pundit who sings the praise of an outspoken conservative, I'll let you know...but don't hold your breath.

Image: Tío Pops via YouTube.

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