As millions march against communism across Cuba, Biden administration makes an outrageous response

Defying death, terror, and beatings, millions of Cubans took to the streets across Cuba shouting "freedom" and "we are not afraid" in a collective call to end to the 62-year communist dictatorship.

It was breathtaking, a thing of beauty, comparable only to Tiananmen or the fall of the Berlin wall.

It took unprecedented courage, too — against state goons, secret police, government death squads, and paid thugs — who are responding now like cornered rats, recognizing very well their survival is at stake.

It's too soon to tell if the Cubans have won.  A big general strike has been called today.  But even if they didn't, this was a vast people's repudiation of communism, that brutal system so praised by the U.S. left.

It was bad news for the wokester flag-burners and ruling socialists of every stripe over here, many of whom have praised Cuba's brutal regime and burned the U.S. flag, now that the Cubans are waving it.

But the worst response of all has come from the far-left Biden administration.

Rather than standing up for the people of Cuba and hailing their call for liberty; praising their waving of the U.S. flag; and warning the Castroite communist regime that it gets the hammer if it dares hunt them down, beat them, or drag them off in the dead of night (which they are doing as I write this), the only thing we have from the Biden administration is obfuscating garbage from one lowly "Acting Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs," named Julie Chung.

If you thought Jen Psaki was bad, get a load of this one:

Let's try to unpack this, because it's really bad.

Where do we start?  "Right" to peaceful protest?

Sorry, idiot, Cuba is under "la revolución" and has been for 62 long, horrible years.  Nobody has a "right" to peaceful or any other kind of protest in the Cuban socialist paradise.  That's because, as Cuba's top ally, Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chávez, put it, it's a "sea of happiness."  Protests are the doing of wreckers, hoarders, capitalists, counterrevolutionaries, CIA agents, and saboteurs.  Anyone protesting in Cuba is an automatic "enemy of the state."  Memo to Julie: Never "assume."  You know what they say about ass-u-me.

As for her reason, it gets even worse.

Chung says Cubans are marching to "express concern about rising COVID cases/deaths & medicine shortages."

Really?  These unprecedented mass wildcat protests are just people concerned about COVID mismanagement and medical shortages?  They've had mismanagement and shortages for decades, pretty much since the start of the dictatorship in 1959.  The cries were "libertad," "freedom," and "we are not afraid."  Millions are calling to end the filthy, detested dictatorship and its billionaire nomenklatura overlords.  The people protesting were thin, wearing rags, the buildings shambles all around them.  Did she notice the poverty in the pictures from the great socialist paradise praised by Bernie Sanders?

Even Bill Kristol was disgusted:

The protesters were and are specifically targeting the organs of state, not peacefully calling for a better COVID response: they're taking over communist party headquarters, overturning rich party officials' expensive cars, and overrunning Young Communist League headquarters, according to these tweets.

And very significantly, the low-level police are joining them.

Naturally, the regime is fighting back — shutting down the internet and sending in the goons:

All that for a bit of concern over COVID mismanagement? Sounds like someone in the White House is a little embarrassed about this, and sending in a new Susan Rice for the cameras.

Yet it gets even worse, we aren't done with Chung's disgusting first tweet:

What exactly is meant by this particular part of the tweet?

We commend the numerous efforts of the Cuban people mobilizing donations to help neighbors in need.

Is that a reference to Cuba's medical mercenaries, who have been exposed as "slaves in white coats"?  Cuban doctors are sent in by the regime to impoverished countries to provide "free" health care to locals.  The Cuban doctors get paid an average of $490 a month for it, and the governments of these places pay Cuba an average of $3,500 a month for the doctors, sometimes much more.  Exploitation, anyone?  It's been called "contemporary slavery."  The stories of that horror, used by the Cuban regime for propaganda purposes, are appalling.  And there have been recent stories about it, too.

Is she praising that slave trade?  Mouthing the propaganda of the evil regime?  Because I can't think of any other interpretation for that strange aside.  One hopes to God she's just ignorant, which her résumé suggests she may well be, given her previous focus on Asia.  But such ignorance in a State Department official speaking for the Biden administration is despicable.  Her predecessor, Ambassador Michael Kozak, seemed to understand this.  Chung clearly does not.

And as Billy Dale says: But wait, there's more:

Her other tweet calling for "calm" and condemning any "violence" is what the regime would like, too.  They, like Hugo Chávez, know that mass protests can go on for years and years, and all they have to do is ignore them.  The Cubans seem to recognize this, which explains the overturning of cars and taking over of communist headquarters.  Freedom, they know, isn't free.  With nothing to lose, and the prospect of going to jail for any number of things, many are saying they've got nothing to lose by getting confrontational. 

Meanwhile, speaking of "violence," where's her condemnation of Cuba's thug regime?  They've sent out the goons to beat people.  They are hauling them away in the dead of night.  They've already gotten their turba "repudiation" mobs hitting dissidents.  (This happened all last week if you watched Twitter.)  Where's her condemnation for the violence and lies of the hellhole dictatorship?  It may well be that Cubans will have to use force on a regime incapable of being shamed into giving Cubans freedom, as the Gandhi approach predicts.  Calls to combat are what happened with that flag they're waving now, the one with the stars and stripes.

And all the Bidenites can think is that it's important that protests be peaceful?  This is a full-fledged uprising, an insurrection, and obviously, it terrifies the Bidenites almost as much as it terrifies the communist regime it targets.  For Julie Chung, this is not her call to make.

It all shows an entirely inadequate response.  Chung, who's in the job only as acting official, doesn't know the region well.  Apparently, they couldn't get anyone else, and Chung is singularly unfit for the job.  More important, Biden is singularly unfit for the job as leader of the free world.  He's not leader of the free world; he's a follower of Cuba surrounded by wokesters who worship the regime.  He can kiss Florida goodbye with Chung's idiocies, because what it shows is her attachment to Cuban propaganda.  Sure, he may come out and claim he's for the protesters at some point, leaving off that "c" word to avoid alarming his left political flank.  But some things can't be undone.

Image: Twitter screen shot.

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