Whom must Democrats blame for the Florida building collapse?

For lovers of British mysteries, the moment we heard about the tragic building collapse in Florida, we remembered an episode of Endeavour, the series that imagines the dearly beloved Inspector Morse as a young copper in various regions of the U.K.  The last episode of series six, Deguello, included an event that exactly parallels what just happened in Miami.

In the episode, a savvy politically connected builder is celebrated for creating a few high-rise buildings for low-income housing.  The problems are evident immediately to some residents.  Then it collapses, almost exactly like the Champlain Towers in Florida; one third of the building crumbles, killing many people.  The visual in the Endeavour episode is almost identical to the scene in Florida but without a nearby coastline.

The N.Y. Post reported yesterday that the original developers were accused of paying off officials for permits.  They had allegedly contributed to the campaigns of a couple of city councilmen to insure the necessary permits.  Those who built the towers are all dead.  While alive, all were charged with various crimes — tax evasion, professional misconduct, and general malfeasance.  Were those who purchased the Surfside condominiums ever provided with that information?  Doubtful. 

The leftmedia are trying hard to find a way to blame Governor DeSantis for the tragedy, but the building is forty years old.  That was even before DeSantis's Little League career.  There were certainly known maintenance problems, $15M's worth, but repairs had not begun.  In 2018, a structural engineer had raised alarms, but apparently no one paid much, if any attention.  And now at least eleven souls are dead and a hundred and fifty are missing.  While such terrible events have likely happened before over the years, in this country and in other nations, this seems a case of life imitating art. 

In the episode of Endeavour, the cause of the collapse turns out to be the cement.  The builder knowingly bought cheap and faulty cement made with a sand loaded with salt that over time weakened the steel rebar.  The builders had murdered several people over the years to cover up their crime.  As in all things, it was all about money — wanting more, cheating and endangering others.  But chances are that even they never expected the building to collapse.  The money-grubbing criminally inclined rarely consider the consequences of their schemes.  They are like small children who have yet to realize the potential result of taking a joyride in Dad's car when they're eight years old.  They see no reason to think ahead.  Their goal is instant gratification; their disease is a form of psychopathy. 

Whatever the facts of the Surfside catastrophe turn out to be, we can be sure that the media will blame those who had nothing whatsoever to do with it.  In the fictional TV premonition, the adulterers of the cement are caught, but the politically connected builder gets off scot-free.  It's the way the world works.  They will blame Trump because he lives in Florida.  They will blame DeSantis because he is the current governor and is a Republican.  They will never ever blame those actually responsible.  It's how they play.

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