What will become of the useful idiots?

As the Marxist revolution oozes forward, I occasionally wonder what will happen to the useful idiots when the commies seize absolute power in this once great Republic. I believe that most AT readers are familiar with the term, but for those who need a brief refresher, a useful idiot, as defined by Wikipedia, "is a derogatory term for a person perceived as propagandizing for a cause without fully comprehending the cause's goals, and who is cynically used by the cause's leaders." In my opinion, this definition can be applied to a majority of the young, brainwashed radicals who have no idea about the true history of Marxism...or the real history of their native land that they're working so hard to destroy.

We're all aware of the current props being used by the radical left to further their cause — LGBT issues, racism, feminism, slavery, etc. — but how will some of those props fare under a Marxist regime?  It's difficult to research racial politics in China and Russia because no nation — especially communist countries — has nearly as much racial and ethnic diversity as the United States.  But the fate of the LGBT community and feminism is another matter.  While several websites make vague and inconclusive references to gay and transgender rights in China and Russia, it appears that feminism and homosexuality — and certainly transgenderism — are simply not tolerated. 

A look at history supports that conclusion.  In an illuminating article on Frontpagemag, the always incisive Daniel Greenfield (highly recommended...a must-read!) s on this subject. 

After a brief permissive period, the Soviet Union criminalized homosexuality and insisted on traditional marriages and roles for women. ... Those feminists who resisted were soon shown their place with one of the more notorious free love figures being forcibly married off by Lenin.

And how will the myriad of social justice warriors fit in with the new Marxist ruling class?

The social activism is window dressing.  A proper Marxist regime has little use for militant minorities, feminism, gay rights, police defunding, transgender bathrooms, pipeline protests, abortion, or any of the other issues the radicals have been using to waste our time.  If you doubt that, go look at how many of any of the above you can find in China, Cuba, or North Korea.

I sincerely hope we never find out, but it's possible that the useful idiots will face a rude awakening if their Marxist utopia becomes a reality.  But maybe it won't be too bad.  If they're sent to labor camps in Alaska — America's closest thing to Siberia — at least they won't freeze to death.  After all, the ice will be gone in eight or ten years.  Just ask AOC.

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