There are good people out there resisting Critical Race Theory

The news of late is awfully depressing.  The Democrats are doing their best to destroy America: they've created massive inflation; Biden has erased the southern border; the military is becoming a feckless social justice experiment; and, perhaps the most dangerous thing of all, the Democrats are aggressively stoking racial divisions.  A return to tribalism will tear this country apart.  But here's the good news: while leftists are trying to elevate Critical Race Theory to a national creed, good people are resisting.

Robby Starbuck shared what's now a viral video in which a young father and his lovely and charming daughter talk about the inherent good in all people.  They will not accept Critical Race Theory, preferring to value what each person brings to the table, regardless of race:

I hope you share this video far and wide.  This is the American creed.

A very wise friend of mine told me that the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were the very best system of government that the very best minds could create.  They correctly understood that their system would bestow tremendous benefits on Americans.

America's initial sin was that slavery and then Jim Crow denied to Blacks the benefits of those inherently colorblind documents.  Thankfully, we've corrected that error so that all American citizens can benefit from the very best form of government ever devised.

The great evil that the left is visiting on America is that it is malevolently throwing the baby out with the bathwater.  Because this extraordinary form of government was wrongly handled at first, leftists are training people to believe that the system is bad.  It's not.  The system was a gift to Whites and now should be a gift to everyone, regardless of race, color, creed, country of national origin (and here via legal immigration), or any other artificial division the leftists elevate.

That's what that father and his daughter understand.  Be like them.

Image: Twitter screen grab.