The Islamification of large parts of England

In 1981–1982, for my junior year abroad, I attended Leeds University in Leeds, a city in Yorkshire, up in the north of England.  At the time, being there was tremendously satisfying because, while southern England was then a very international (and tourist-ridden) region, Leeds was still extremely British, as was the surrounding countryside.  By 2004, though, while in Florida, I met a woman from Leeds who told me that large parts of Yorkshire had come under Muslim control.  A new book reveals that, in the ensuing 17 years, it's only become worse.

Ed Husain, a former Muslim radical who is now a professor at Georgetown University, traveled across England to find out just how much Islamification has occurred in the country that provided the template for American liberties.  What Husain found is disheartening, especially in the north of England, where Islam took root while London ignored it.

Bradford, for example, is a former industrial hub about 25 minutes east of Leeds.  It was a quintessentially English manufacturing city during the Industrial Revolution.  Now, though, as Husain described to the Daily Mail, it's becoming a hard-line Islamic city:

In nearby Bradford, Ed was amazed by the lack of white English people in the city, and asked a Muslim taxi driver 'where they are'.

He was told they had all 'gone with the wind.'

According to the author, there were mosques 'on almost every corner', with Ed writing: 'Then there are houses that also serve as mosques and madrasas , banners affixed to their façades.'


After visiting an Islamic bookstore he discovered works glorifying violent jihad by Sayyid Qutb, the Egyptian godfather of Islamist terror and an acknowledged influence on Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda.   

He spoke to the director of a local theatre company dedicated to helping disabled children and those with special educational needs, Louise Denham, about how the communities could come together.

But she was pessimistic, and warned that Bradford could become 'an apartheid city' within 30 years.

She predicted: 'There'll be more pushback against diversity. We'll have parties like Nazi Germany organising against the immigrant and Muslim populations.' 

Ed concluded that while the community was physically in Britain, they are mentally living elsewhere.

And so it goes, according to Husain, in one formerly very British community after another.  Just as the French have ceded the banlieues around Paris to Muslims who fail to assimilate, and Sweden is struggling with the unassimilated Muslim community in Malmö, England has allowed large swaths of the country to become entirely Islamic.

England is a country that could once boast that it was last invaded in 1066.  After that, it repulsed the Spanish in 1588, Napoleon in the early 19th century, and Hitler during WWII.  Beginning in the 1990s, though, it willingly invited in a community that will soon overtake it in demographics and in fanatic vigor.  Ironically, the only other faith group that has some life in it in England is Catholicism, thanks to the central European immigrants who also came in the 1990s.  Henry VIII and Cromwell are rolling in their graves, but Mary Tudor is doing fist pumps in Heaven.

This story matters to me because it saddens me to see the country that was the cradle of American liberties (the Founders got their ideas from England, although they created a better system via the Constitution), and that had a rich and beautiful culture, slowly turn into a Pakistani backwater.  It also saddens me because my British friends are frightened.  Their communities are dangerous, and they are targets.

This should also frighten you because we are following in England's wake.  Biden's illegal and unconstitutional actions to erase the southern border and flood America, not just with illegal aliens from Latin America, but from a variety of countries, many of them Muslim, when combined with the Democrat party's aggressive efforts to create racial schisms in America, means we are also starting down the path to becoming a third-world apartheid country rather than a tolerant, pluralist, constitutional nation.

Image: Bradford Muslims holding a vigil for Qasem Soleimani.  YouTube screen grab.

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