The bizarre British connection behind America’s biggest hoaxes

It’s becoming increasingly clear that America’s bureaucracies engaged in a cover-up about COVID’s origins. What’s also become clear is the fact that one of the main players in the entire COVID scandal is a British man, Peter Daszak. And I realized something when I thought about Daszak’s involvement: Beginning more than 20 years ago, the British have taken lead roles in three leftist lies that have been used to remake America: Climate change, the Russia hoax and, now, COVID’s development and its subsequent cover-up.

For over a year, conservatives have been challenging the COVID narrative. They’ve said that the lock-ups wouldn’t stop the virus but would destroy the economy, they’ve said that the paper and cloth masks being used are simply theater and, most importantly, they very quickly realized that the Wuhan wet markets were not the source of COVID.

Once the first panic subsided, it was obvious to thinking people that the Wuhan Institute of Virology (“WIV”), with its ties to the Chinese Communist Party (“CCP”) government and military, had a central role to play. (I incline to the theory that the virus’s release was an accident because the Chinese are notoriously careless, but that, once the virus was loose, both the CCP and the Democrats saw it as an opportunity: The Chinese to destroy the global economy and Donald Trump; and the Democrats just to destroy Trump.)

And yet the people in the federal government who could have set things straight and let us weather the virus in a normal fashion (isolating the elderly and vulnerable, washing our hands more, using easily available drugs to treat symptoms, and getting on with life) didn’t do that at all. Some, like Anthony Fauci, were protecting themselves lest people learn about their direct involvement using taxpayer money to fund the WIV’s gain-of-function (“GOF”) experiments. Others seem to have been serving the Chinese government, rather than the American one. And still, others engaged in the cover-up to defeat Trump. All were willing to destroy America to achieve personal goals.

In addition to these domestic players, there turns out to have been one man who is Ground Zero for the Deep State’s involvement in the virus – and he’s a Britisher, Peter Daszak. Here’s just a portion of Scott Hounsell’s comprehensive article:

  • Dr. Peter Daszak funneled tens of millions of dollars in grants from the US government – including the Department of Defense – to the Wuhan Institute of Virology through his non-profit, EcoHealth Alliance.
  • Daszak performed gain-of-function research on SARS coronaviruses at WIV with Dr. Shi Zhengli, including on two trains [sic] nearly identical to COVID-19.
  • Daszak spearheaded the drafting and submission of a 2/19/20 letter in the Lancet from 27 scientists declaring that COVID-19 arose naturally, without declaring his conflict.
  • Many of the signatories of that letter had received emails from Daszak soliciting their signature and reminding them of all the research funding they’d received from EcoHealth Alliance.
  • Facebook’s COVID-19 fact-checker, Science Feedback, used Daszak as one of their “experts” to shut down lab leak theory discussion.
  • Daszak emailed Dr. Fauci in the early days of the pandemic, thanking him for shutting down the lab leak theory.
  • Daszak influenced numerous other letters and statements in scientific journals that declared a lab leak was impossible.
  • Daszak was a member of the WHO investigative team that declared it “highly unlikely” that the pandemic originated in a lab – without even visiting China or seeing original documentation.
  • Daszak was recently tapped to head an investigation into COVID-19’s origin by Lancet.

What I realized reading about Daszak, a Britisher, is that he’s not the first British guy to try to destroy America. A large part of the initial research that led to the Climate Change madness that the Democrat party is using to destroy America’s economy and, indeed, its lifestyle, came from the Climatic Research Unit at England’s University of East Anglia. That was the same institution that falsified information to hide the fact that global temperatures were falling, not rising (“Hide the decline”).

Several years later, Democrats used the Steele Dossier, written by Christopher Steele, a former British spy, to try to destroy Trump’s presidency. While Trump managed to stay in the White House, Steele’s disinformation severely hampered Trump’s ability to get things done. His presidency could have been beyond extraordinary without the pressure that the Russia hoax placed upon him.

Beginning in the 13th century, and especially in France in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, many have called England “perfidious Albion.” The British nation as a whole may not deserve that epithet, but America has not been well-served by individual Britishers of late. Daszak is just another Brit who seems to be determined to get revenge for the Revolution.

Photo credit: National Academies (cropped) CC-BY-NC-SA 2.0 license

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