Spiteful Biden: State department officials ordered to stop using the Trump treaty name 'Abraham Accords'

How is this for petty spitefulness from a man too small for his office?

According to the Washington Free Beacon:

The Biden State Department discourages employees from referring to the historic peace agreements signed by Israel and its Arab neighbors by its official name, the Abraham Accords, according to one source with direct knowledge of the Biden administration’s internal decision-making process and emails reviewed by the Washington Free Beacon. The name has also been erased from a wide array of official State Department communications as the new administration presses officials to refer to the Trump-era deals as "normalization agreements."

The Abraham Accords were brokered last year by the outgoing Trump administration and paved the way for Israel to make peace with traditional Arab foes, including the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and, later, other Muslim nations. The agreements were a capstone of former president Donald Trump’s foreign policy legacy and created a shift in the region that brought leading Arab nations closer to the Jewish state and further from Iran.

So the man who brought peace to the Middle East after every president before him failed, is now seeing the name of his signature legacy accomplishment -- Arabs and Israelis finally becoming friends in what's known as the Abraham Accords-- erased?

What other president could get Arabs and Jews to become friends, and do all the things friendly states do for each other -- opening airspace, conducting trade, visiting each others' countries, in a treaty so convincing it triggered a big chain reaction of Arab states to follow on in, coming to join the party? It's as if the Bidenites liked things better when Arabs and Jews were hurling rockets at each other, and Palestinians were out bombing pizza parlors, hijacking cruise ships, singling out American passport holders for jet murders, torturing and killing Olympic athletes, and shooting up airport counters.

It's outrageous that the Bidenites are attempting to erase the wonderful name of this accord and call it a generic 'normalization' as if any boob could have done it, or it somehow just floated in and happened on its own.

It's spite all right, the same spite that prompted Joe Biden to break up all the treaties President Trump signed with Central American nations and Mexico to keep cartel human smuggling operations from dumping thousands of people into our country illegally, and then quietly pleading with Mexico to please stop the border surge he created for him. Countries such as Mexico saw right through him.

With his pen and his phone, he scrapped perfectly good treaties that had kept the border under control in favor of Getting Trump. Now he's doing the same for the Middle East.

The Beacon quotes former Trump-era National Security Staffer Victoria Coates explaining just why that's dangerous:

"The Biden administration's attempt to diminish and marginalize the Abraham Accords by referring to them as ‘normalization deals’ is both unfortunate and insidious," Coates aid. "It’s a shame to try to undermine such a monumental, historic achievement because it was reached by the previous administration. But the term ‘normalization' is even worse—as they are well aware, the term carries a regional stigma, particularly with the Palestinians, of being a sell-out. The Abraham Accords are so much more and should be given the same bipartisan support as the peace treaties between Israel, Jordan, and Egypt reached by Democrat administrations."

I don't quite follow her on the sellout explanation, people who watch the Middle East undoubtedly will.

But the erasure of the wonderful name 'Abraham accords' is infuriating. "Abraham" is a wonderful unifier of a name, referring to both the Israeli Jews and Muslim Arabs as parts of what are known as the "Abrahamic" faiths. It's a reference to religion, which is bound to make them want to think about what would please their common Creator, and it's face-saving for the Arabs who don't look defeated at all from it, but rather, raised up to their rightful identity as one of the great Abrahamic faith peoples -- Jews, Christians, and Muslims.

It's affirming to all sides, with Muslims, as well as Jews, considering Abraham their father in faith with descendants as numerous as the stars because of that faith in one God.

Biden wants to erase that and call it a generic 'normalization' agreement? This is disgusting because it separates the nations from their roots and offers a dreary gray secular name to them all instead.

Not because it's right. Not because it's true. Just because it'll Get Trump and presumably, try to make everyone forget just how great this treaty was. 

Biden has shown himself a low, low man, petty, small, burning with jealousy and spite for the former president, trying to erase everything he's ever done, a sorry thing to see in someone with absolutely zero accomplishments of his own. He's a bitter little man well beneath his office. Maybe that's because he's actually not a legitimate president. He's there by fraud and that's why, as a priority no less, he's out to trash anything genuine that had been accomplished before him. To heck with the American people and their interests, he just wants to Get Trump.

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