Some random American Thinking

As we move into the summer months, it's a time for some random thinking:

While Democrats deny it, there is a labor shortage because government agencies are paying people not to work.  Could another cause be that some individuals would be happy to stop their government handouts but cannot stand the thought of having to wear a mask all day as many employers still require?

For many, there is a question mark about whether or not Joe Biden is legitimately the president.  Since most of Congress accepted the Electoral College vote results, Biden is legally the president — much as O.J. Simpson is legally not a murderer

Bill Gates wants privacy for his divorce but wants to interfere in the lives of everyone else.

Want to get an idea of what might be true?  Watch what's being censored.

Thought so all along: the wearing of masks truly is political.  Some wear masks so they will not be mistaken as Republicans.

Christian people cite the admonitions of Romans 13 regarding the obligation to obey government.  It is important to note that God ordained government to enforce good and punish evil.  Increasingly, government is rewarding evildoers and punishing those who do good.

Classicist scholar, public commentator, former farmer, and all-around Renaissance man Victor Davis Hanson says academics used to be like medieval court jesters: they could mock the king and society, but they had no power.  They were harmless.  Now, he says, academic nonsense has escaped the campus and is directing public policy.

Cleaning out some old books lately, I came across a photo of "Tank Man," the dissident who, during the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests, brought a column of Chinese tanks to a stop merely by standing in front of it.  I took a picture of it.  Given increasing censorship and Communist Chinese power (am I repeating myself?), I felt a need to preserve this image before it disappears.

Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors and former executive director says white supporters of BLM should "infiltrate white supremacist groups."  And such allegedly universal groups can be found where?

A practice by the professional educator class that has long grated on me is the substitution of the word "learners" for "students."  My gripe: Who says those formerly known as students are learning?  And how can one learn without being a student?

As mask mandates recede around where I live, it's a joy to wander about engaging in mutual smiling and joking with strangers.  In their efforts to save our lives, how have we allowed misguided public policy-makers to destroy living? 

The 1960s civil rights movements had clear goals: end segregation and provide advanced opportunities in employment, housing, and more — objectives that were generally met.  One problem with Critical Race Theory is that it presents nothing measurable — which means that it can be anything its proponents want it to be.  That might be the whole idea, right?

A retired marketing professor, broadcaster, and journalist, Mike Landry is a freelance writer in Northwest Arkansas.  He can be reached at

Image: Marko Milivojevic.

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