Get your narrative on

The Biden administration is a runaway train headed for sure disaster. Unfortunately, Republicans in office do not do much about it because they are not on the train and only shout after it as it races past. A few brave souls clamber aboard to do what they can to slow it down, but they quickly find themselves thrown back off by the crazed passengers. So far, the few looking to save the ride have not been able to get near the emergency brake.

Democrats have had relative success pushing their lousy ideas onto a good part of the country because they stick together when actively selling the false narratives created for them. Their talking points are wrapped in neat packages, complete with foolproof, easy-to-read directions. Leftist scripts are deviously crafted with the utmost drama in order to maximize effect and stir up emotions. Theatrical terms, such as “insurrection”, are conjured for deliberate misuse and phrases, like “systemic racism,” allow leftists to sound advanced and sophisticated. All the Dems have to do is regurgitate the pabulum loud and often. The narratives are 99 percent fake and the wailing and gnashing of teeth is 24/7.

Conservative politicians should borrow and tweak a few things from the Democrat playbook. The chapter on pushing a narrative would be a good place to start. Constructed with truth and launched with liberal-like zeal, conservative narratives would counter the noise of leftist lies and provide much-needed relief and reassurance to the base.

Image: Studio Lévy & fils

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