So call me 'racist'

The worst epithet one can be called in the America of tribal identities, traveling snowflakes in search of a trigger, BLM comrades, critical race propagandists, and purportedly systemic white privilege Kens and Karens, is a racist. 

In today's mass social milieu, if one is the wrong skin color, religion, nationality, or political party affiliate, one must be a racist.  That accounts for at least half of us.  So what's the issue? 

Since the accusation has become so ludicrous — in that it encompasses everything from drinking pre-woke Coke to having the right math answer — it has lost its zing along with its original connotation.

So in this age of insanity, where all things are defined as the opposite of what they are supposed to mean: call me racist. 

I must be a racist because: I believe that the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement, regardless of original intent, has devolved into a Marxist, anti-American, anti-Semitic, anti-family racist hate group. 

I must be racist because: I believe that anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism are the same anti-Jew hatred that has existed for millennia. 

I must be racist because: I believe that while anti-Semitism exists on the far right, it is powerless and negligible as compared to the very vocal and ever-growing anti-Semitism, overtly coalescing in the Democrat-controlled U.S. House.   

I must be racist because: I believe that American Jews in the Democrat party have sold out Israel and their brethren in the United States by not opposing the hatred and lies espoused by Ilhan Omar and her squad in Congress.  (To date, only 12 of the 33 Democrat Jewish congresspeople have expressed concern over Omar's geopolitical positions.

I must be racist because: I believe that the riots, looting, and burning of American cities are criminal and were manufactured to threaten Americans into voting for Biden, in exchange for thwarting future violence. 

I must be racist because: I resent the hypocrisy of state governments letting rioters riot during the COVID-19 pandemic but not permitting religious people to assemble for worship. 

I must be racist because: I believe Governors Cuomo and Wolf have blood on their hands by sending seniors with Covid to senior living facilities, thereby causing the needless deaths of hapless thousands. 

I must be racist because: I believe that illegal immigration is immoral and anti-American in that it snatches jobs from Americans, and the cost for their care represents a forced transfer of wealth as government spends at least three times the average Social Security recipients' monthly stipend per illegal alien.   

I must be prejudiced because: I believe that our "free press" is neither free nor newsworthy.  Rather, it is delivered by mindless propagandists who repeat the Democrats'  party line du jour.

I must be racist because: I believe that college students blocking speakers on campus, with opposing viewpoints from their own, are violative of free speech. 

I must be racist because: I cannot fathom the inanities of speaking truth to power, being one's best self, and being one's authentic self.  Just be it.  Most of us don't give a flying fig regarding your sexual orientation. 

Essentially: Do not be silenced for dread of being called a racist — or worse, being fired.  If fired, one has protection in extant employment law in the form of retaliatory firing. 

Do the right thing, and never mind the labels hurled back at you.

Photo credit: janinsf CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 license.

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