G-7 members laugh at Biden as he insists on introducing a guest who already was introduced

Yesterday, at the G-7 meeting, President Biden said twice in a row, "America is back at the table," in an unsubtle dig at President Trump.  He forgot to add that the other people at the table were laughing at him.

Dementia Joe interrupted U.K. prime minister Boris Johnson as he was presiding over a session where visitors were being introduced and insisted on adding the president of South Africa — who had already been introduced.  P.M. Johnson maintained a calm voice but was clearly annoyed, as this transcript from TGP shows:

Boris Johnson: And welcome to those who just joined us… President Ramaphosa (South Africa), President Moon (South Korea)…

Joe Biden: And the President of South Africa.

Boris Johnson: And the President of South Africa as, as, as I said.

Joe Biden: Oh, you did?

Boris Johnson: I certainly did. [emphases added]

Here is video, in which laughter can be heard from the other heads of government of the richest countries.

I am certain that the agitprop media will bury this story, and most Americans will never know that their leader is an object of derisive laughter from his near peers.  Based on his goofy facial expression as the laughter erupted, it's not even clear that Joe knows that, either:

Photo credit: Twitter screen grab (cropped).

Needless to say, had President Trump done such a thing, the headlines would dominate the news for a week, and talk of the 25th Amendment would be front and center, along with worries that the standing of the United States internationally had plummeted to laughingstock levels.

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