Radical left crazies openly cheer cop-killer on social media

As if the things going on on the left couldn't get crazier, a slew of social media characters is posting cheer to a man who cold-bloodedly shot a cop in the head in Daytona Beach, Florida.

Fox News has the story:

Othal Wallace, the suspect in a manhunt that ended Friday morning after a Daytona, Florida, police officer was shot in the head while on duty, is garnering support on social media.

The Daytona Beach News-Journal reviewed Facebook and Instagram accounts appearing to belong to Wallace, 29, that contained anti-police rhetoric, and support for the suspect is building on social media. The accounts have since been deleted.

"There's nothing that's been posted that we haven't seen," Daytona Beach Police Chief Jakari Young said at a Thursday press conference. He added later that "what's been posted on social media is that this guy's heartless."

"His heart is pure malice. He could care less. He did that with zero remorse," Young said of Wallace's alleged crime and his social media presence. 

He belonged to a fanatic black nationalist extremist group called the "Not F***ing Around Coalition," or "Not F***ing Around Militia," meaning his criminal act had a political motive.

He's the kind of guy Defense secretary Lloyd Austin, who says he's looking for extremists, is not looking for, but heaven help the military (and white wokester defense official Gen. Mark Milley in particular) if a guy like that ever gets in.

He's a very dangerous individual whose agenda is to kill cops.

Yet instead of condemnation for his evil act, he had a slew of supporters on social media, which, as far as is known, have not been deleted by the likes of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, all of which claim they've got "community standards."

Those are some "standards."

According to Fox, a few of them read like this:

"I want y’all to know something, man. I love y’all. I want y’all to know something, man," an unidentified man says in one video posted to the Instagram page. "I love y’all. Black power. Stay strong as a nation. Keep f---ing fighting. Move f---ing forward."

It continued: "Don't let these … pigs f--- with you. I love y'all. Black power and shalom."

Another June 7 Instagram post shared by the account reads, "[One] Day I Will Take Great Pride And Honor In Getting Me Some Pigs Blood On My Hands And Boots," it reads. "I Pray Against My Enemy And Wish Death To All Who Are Oppressive To The Black Culture… Black Power !!"

The list of posts cited by Fox is much longer.

The wokester era of today has spawned not just Critical Race Theory taught in schools, but opened the gates to truly criminal extremists — from Antifa to, now, this guy, whose only agenda is to shoot cops.  In the 1960s, it was the Black Panthers.  Today, it's this loser, and we don't see anything in the fawning press to condemn him.  It is, after all, the era of Black Lives Matter, bowing corporations that give them money, and "defund the police" in the political arena.

The dynamic we see now is not just comparable to Antifa and the Black Panthers.  It's similar to that of spray-shooters, too. 

The maniacs do an awful act, and the internet minions, often anonymous, cheer and egg them on, making them feel good about their crimes.  That happened with the freak who shot up the synagogue in Poway based on Jew-hate, and now it seems to be moving to cops.  The cheers are not only vile in themselves, making the criminal feel important; the other thing is that they have the potential to prompt new attacks on cops as some new loser decides that he too can go from "zero to hero" with the copycat urge among this bunch is strong.  That's how things work with spray-shooters.  Now we see it with sworn cop-killers.  It's a social dynamic.

Facebook does nothing to stop this so far as we know.  The grotesque hate-cheers list from Fox went on and on and on.  That's likely because the characters here are black, and Facebook wouldn't dream of being called "racist" even with killing going on.

We've seen this bad dynamic a couple of times in the past:

One, with the advent of rap lyrics all full of cuss words never seen in public discourse, as well as coarse, grotesque abuse of women, and a healthy dose of cop-hate, too.  That coarsened the culture in many ways, not the least of which has been in the recent apologies of singer Billie Eilish, who apologized for following the words of the genre, as well as Hunter Biden, whose use of the "n-word" was clearly influenced by his consumption of this kind of rap music.

Two, the advent of gangsta rappers spewing anti-Asian hate more recently.  That is the most likely root of inordinate numbers of criminals pushing Asian-Americans into subways, openly assaulting them in the streets, and looting their storefront shops.  Back in March, YouTube refused to ban one of the "pioneers" of this sick genre, and sure enough, the crap influenced a lot of zero-to-hero creeps to multiply the problem in the months that followed. 

It's a culture, and the lords of the internet are too cowed to stop it, despite their rhetoric on community standards and civility, which, as it happens, is employed only against conservatives.

But it's increasingly bad stuff now that cop-killing is getting out into the open as a lifestyle choice based on all this social media cheer.  You can bet we will see more of it as the internet lords continue to operate with impunity, raking the profits in.

Since this garbage is likely to lead to death, it lays out the case for legislation, making these social media companies that tolerate it accountable and sueable at the very least.  Something's got to give now that the culture has descended this low.  The press and the Democrats certainly won't do it.  The Republicans have got to make this a campaign issue and follow through when they win back Congress in 2022.

Image: Daytona Beach Police, mug shot, public domain.

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