Playing Sherlock Holmes on COVID

After more than a year of dismissal, mockery, and outright suppression by parties some of whom have obvious conflicts of interest, the theory that COVID-19 was intentionally created in a lab is now ascendant. The possibility that its creation was secretly part of a bioweapons program of the Chinese military is gaining some support. In an exclusive, Jennifer Van Laar of Red State reports, “Defector Provides Evidence That the Chinese Military Orchestrated the Creation of COVID-19 and Lab Leak.”
While far from conclusive, and certain to be repressed by the plutocrats of the social and agitprop media, the hypothesis that COVID-19 was bioweapon deserves investigation. An online friend offers a Sherlock Holmes-style analysis:

1. You’re the Chinese Communist Party. 

2. You are faced with the biggest threat ever to your power in the person of Donald Trump.

3. Donald Trump looks to be on a glide path to another four years setting America’s foreign policy towards China.

4. Trump is presiding over one of the best economies in America’s last fifty years.

5. So, what can you, the Chinese Communist Party, do to prevent that?

6. You must destroy the American economy.


How? There’s only one way: biowarfare.

It might mean a million or more Chinese deaths but you’ve never cared about that before.

Is there a serious person who thinks that the above argument is far-fetched?

I think it's not just a possibility. I think it’s a certainty. To think otherwise you have to believe in a series of coincidences. Creating and releasing their bioweapon was their only option.

The gangsters in Beijing care for only one thing: themselves. They will kill as many people as necessary to continue living lives of privilege and comfort. This was the only way to protect themselves.

I don’t share his or her certainty, but I want much more information to be developed, including answers to questions Hooman Noorchashm MD, Ph.D., a highly credential immunologist and physician, raises on Medium about the stunning “epidemiological differential’ between China and the rest of world” – the fact that COVID didn’t spread all over China the way it behaved everywhere else.

Graphic credit: Matthew Davis via the Noun Project

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