Should an eco-terrorism-involved individual now lead Joe Biden's Bureau of Land Management?

So are the criminals set to run the government?

Sure looks like it, now that Joe Biden has picked a radical greenie extremist with verifiable involvement with eco-terrorism to now lead the Bureau of Land Management.

According to the Daily Caller:

President Joe Biden’s nominee to lead the Bureau of Land Management, Tracy Stone-Manning, received legal immunity to testify in a 1993 criminal trial, court documents obtained by the Daily Caller News Foundation show. The trial resulted in a 17 month prison sentence for tree spiking, a violent tactic used to prevent logging.

Stone-Manning testified that she sent an anonymous and threatening letter to the Forest Service in 1989 on behalf of John P. Blount, who she identified as her former roommate and a member of her circle of friends, court documents show. The letter warned that a local forest in Idaho set to be logged had been sabotaged with tree spikes, according to the documents.

“P.S. You bastards go in there anyway and a lot of people could get hurt,” the letter stated.

So why did she receive immunity? Because if she didn't, she would have clammed up to protect herself from prosecution herself. She knew it was coming, she told a local news outlet at the time that she otherwise faced conspiracy charges, according to the report. Much easier to throw her buddy to the sharks to save herself in this case, but the reality here is that she was as involved as he was, and certainly was willing to do him a favor at the time. Guilty as hell, free as a bird, as Bill Ayers, another far-left domestic terrorist, liked to say.

As the Caller noted:

Tree spiking, which The Washington Post and other news outlets have described as an “eco-terrorism” tactic, is a form of sabotage in which metal spikes are nailed into trees to make them unsafe to log. If gone unnoticed, tree spikes can cause serious injuries for workers.

A 23-year-old mill worker in California, for example, had his jaw cut in half in 1987 when his saw exploded upon striking an unnoticed tree spike, The Washington Post reported.

Seriously, who among of us doesn't have a buddy who spikes trees in a bid to murder lumberjacks and then gladly writes a threatening letter on that same buddy's behalf to ensure that the buddy's vile terrorist act gets all the attention he wants it to get? And according to this report, she had at least two of them.

Are such associations normal? Not to normal people. Not even to normal greenies. Normal people turn those kinds of terrorists in, right there on the spot. Not her. She collaborated with them and tried to conceal her activity, secretly agreeing with them, secretly helping them along, but not wanting to get caught. You have to really be out on the fringe to have buddies like that and be willing to do anything they want you to do to advance their aims. Based on this behavior, it sounds like she was in deep.

What other stuff was she involved in that she could have garnered such trust from these environmental terrorists? The pair of them had literally been roommates. Anybody asking? It seems unlikely that the tree spiker would have asked someone who was simon-pure to write that threatening letter calling the potential victims "you bastards" and "you a--holes" and all that.

But to the Bidenites, the spin press release says she's all about this:

“Tracy Stone-Manning has spent her career devoted to public service and conservation,” a White House news release said. “As senior advisor for conservation policy at the National Wildlife Federation, she advocates for the wise stewardship of our nation’s lands and waters.”

Senior advisor? That sounds like a do-nothing job, perhaps picking out lumber companies to target with left-wing lawyers and costly junk lawsuits to stop them with lawfare instead of tree spikes. You'd have to be in constant touch with radical activists for a task like that, activists of all stripes, including extremist ones. One wonders what she really did there with that tells-nothing job, as well as what she says she did there, and what she really did there.

In any case, it points to a growing trend among leftists involved in terroristic activity or advocacy to ensconce themselves in government (or academia) as a means of shielding themselves from any personal legal scrutiny or criticism and wielding power for the same animating cause. This has been strongly suspected in various cases of arson on churches, Black Lives Matter arson and looting activity, and illegal aliens who somehow can't get even easy-peasy DACA status finding themselves appointed to government boards. They love to ensconce themselves in academia, as Bill Ayers and Kathy Boudin have done for themselves. Who says crime doesn't pay? You also see that stuff with narco-terrorist groups in Colombia and elsewhere in Latin America, the bad guys getting themselves influential and powerful perches in government (and academia) after a life spent in terrorism. This one appears to be the same kind of stuff.

So now she's supposed to lead the Bureau of Land Management, supposedly on behalf of all the American people but we already know who she will represent. The victims of the tree spiking incidents and the terrorized lumberjacks must be looking upon this appointment with horror, and doing like the police in urban districts are doing -- thinking about retiring. Look at who the federal chief of land management now is? Which could be the Biden plan all along -- driving workers from their jobs based on zero federal protections and making it impossible for the lumber industry to get any workers to work in the lumber and other industries. High lumber prices, anyone? 

We haven't heard any condemnations from her about the vileness of eco-terrorism and her own involvement in it. She has actually tried to conceal it from Congress as she attempts to win confirmation, but that just tells us she's sneaky, not that she's changed her mind about these things.

And it's obvious she's very intent on politicizing the supposedly non-political agency as her priority. According to this report from AP:

The bureau could be relocating back to Washington only a year after former President Donald Trump’s administration made the decision to move its headquarters to Grand Junction, Colo.

Since taking office last month, Interior Secretary Deb Haaland has been noncommittal about the future location of the BLM headquarters, but many Democrats and conservationists, including Stone-Manning, criticized the relocation to Colorado, saying it undercut the agency’s influence in Washington and drove out skilled career staff.

What a nightmare. The criminals actually taking over the government and doing their worst to destroy industries they don't like, all from the inside now, and with plenty of clout in Washington.

Anyone who votes for this creature in the Senate is voting for a living hell to those impacted by eco-terrorism. Putting her in charge of BLM is like putting an arsonist in charge of the fire department, or a cashier who has been caught stealing from the till in charge of the accounting department. Every last senator in this vote should just say 'no.'

Image: Jan Krutisch, via Wikimedia Commons // CC BY-SA 2.0

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