Matt Walsh takes a stand against preschool twerking

Matt Walsh objected to a video showing a little girl twerking before a crowd.  Peter Dominick, a stand-up comedian, the father of two daughters, and a blue-checked Twitter person with almost 43,000 followers, attacked Walsh and scolded him for sexualizing children.  Uh, no.

It all started with this tweet from Matt Walsh (language warning):

Walsh is right.  What that little girl is doing is not something natural to small children.  Instead, she is mimicking adult women who do it to show their aggressive sexuality.  The little girl is part and parcel of the left's endless push to co-opt children to leftist politics by promising children that, as early as they want and as often as they want, they can engage in sex.  (Conversely, leftists ridicule young conservatives who save themselves for marriage.)  Of course, a leftist objected, not by defending the girl's actions (how could he?), but by accusing Walsh of being a murderous zealot:

Showing that there is still sanity in America, the ratios on Dominick's tweet were extreme.  (Ratios refers to the fact that, while he got a few likes, there were mostly negative comments.)  Here are examples.

Dominick promptly doubled down but somehow didn't help himself.  First, he insulted those who challenged him:

Then, he proclaimed his innocence and bewilderment:

He moved on to insulting traditional faith:

And of course, he wound up by saying that those who thought the girl's actions inappropriate are the perverts.


It was that last one that made me think of England's ancient Order of the Garter, a chivalric honor that originated in the 14th century.  It has as its motto Honi soit qui mal y pense (shame on anyone who thinks evil of it).  The apocryphal origin story has it that Edward III created it to honor those knights who did not laugh when a lady's garter fell off.  They were the ones with pure minds, unlike the others off sniggering in a corner.

It is true up to a point that people of exceptionally pure minds are incapable of seeing things as evil or salacious.  But Dominick is being disingenuous to pretend he is one of those people.  As I said at the top of this post, leftists are doing their best to deny innocence to children.

I'll leave the final word on that subject to...Homer Simpson in "Daddicus Finch."  The premise is that Homer has taken Lisa clothes-shopping, only to be horrified by what he finds in the store:

HOMER: Let's get something sweet for my little girl. Sugar and spice and everything . . . what the?! [Seeing the signs for products.] "Twerking girl"? "Ho, Sweet Ho"? "Baby's First Thong"?

SALES CLERK: Those are just a few of our high-end brands. We also have "Call of Booty," "Raggedy Anorexic," "The Edge of 13," and, for boys, "Jack the Stripper."

HOMER: Oh, for crying out loud! Okay, that's it. I've heard enough and three past that. My daughter is still a sweet little girl. [Grabbing a string bikini off the rack.] What the? [Grabbing a thong off the rack.] Oh, come on! [Grabbing a sleazy swimsuit off the rack.] My daughter's not a sex object. She's a respect object. Innocent girls. Knee socks. Grow up too fast. I will see you all in court. [At which point all the moms in the store applaud and Lisa sees Homer as Atticus Finch.]

Image: Twerking child.  Twitter screen grab.

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