Joe Biden's and Kamala Harris's very weird day

The big headline Thursday was that Biden and the Senate reached a deal on infrastructure.  Apparently, it will involve less money than Biden demanded and actually fix some of America's decaying hard infrastructure (roads, bridges, etc.).  Of course, once that's done, the Democrats will push through all the other items using reconciliation.  America will lose...again.  But something else happened today, which is that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris proved that their biggest campaign lie might have been their promise to return the White House to "normal."

I never accepted the premise that Donald Trump was not a normal president.  If you know even a little bit about presidential history, Donald Trump was a whole lot better than many of them.  Franklin Roosevelt had affairs, John F. Kennedy had orgies, Bill Clinton had...well, I don't even want to go there.  If Obama had peccadilloes, the media covered for him, but what's certain is that even the media couldn't cover for how corrupt his administration was, culminating in the Russia Hoax.

What was really abnormal about Donald Trump's presidency was the Democrat party's behavior, especially in the form of its media coverage.  Everything Trump did or said was presented as "abnormal," whether it was his preference for two scoops of ice cream (I applaud the man for that), his Queens accent, his long tie, or his overt and heartfelt patriotism.  Had the media reported about him as they did about Roosevelt, Kennedy, Clinton, or Obama, nothing about Trump would have stood out.  He would, instead, have been hailed as a man of the people who cleaned up the government.

When Biden was sold as "normal," that was the real con.  Biden was a known quantity.  He was the man who palled around with segregationists, constantly made racist remarks, suffered from chronic foot-in-mouth, used his debauched son and other family members to funnel millions in dirty money to himself, and constantly pawed and sniffed little girls in public.  Biden is not normal.

And now that Biden is almost certainly suffering from dementia, his tenuous grasp on normalcy is diminishing even more.  Having reached an agreement with the Senate about the infrastructure, Biden gave a brief press conference.  That led to a viral video of super–Biden weirdness.

The video making the rounds cuts off the question asked of Biden, which was apparently an ordinary one regarding how much money went to COVID relief.  What matters is Biden's response: with his eyes bugging out, Biden leaned into the microphone and, in the voice of an obscene phone caller gloating about his organ size, announced that he had gotten $1.9 trillion in COVID relief.

As an aside, this is disastrous, because COVID, which had a less than 1.8% mortality rate to begin with, is over.  To continue to print money in order to pay Americans not to work is a short trip to socialism, bankruptcy, and Venezuela.

Honestly, after watching the video I (a) wanted to take a shower and (b) was extraordinarily worried that election fraud led to this man helming America:

This isn't the first time Biden's creeped people out.  Here's a tape showing other Biden obscene-caller moments:

While Biden was boasting, he totally forgot about the dreadful building collapse in a Miami community.  One is confirmed dead, but there are worries that 99 others will be counted among the dead.  When Kamala, in her perpetual role of the Grim Reaper hiding behind Biden, whispered a reminder into the ear of her "boss," he giggled:

Since I'm on the subject of Kamala as the Grim Reaper, get a load of this photo op right after Biden and the senators reached an agreement:

Yes, that's Kamala hiding in the background on the far right, behind a column:

People noticed:

At this point, it's unclear whether Biden ordered poor little Kamala-ella to stay home from the ball, if Kamala's former senatorial "friends" wanted nothing to do with her, or if it's easier to plot a takeover when nobody's watching you.  All that I can say is that the whole vibe is off.

If you're looking for normal, you are not going to find it in the Joe Biden White House, and that's true no matter what the hacks, shills, operatives, and propagandists in the media say.

Image: Googly-eyed Biden whispers into the mic.  Twitter screen grab.

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