A proud MAGA social influencer is challenging AOC

While Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez represents part of the Bronx and Queens, she's not really a New Yorker.  Although born in the Bronx, the socialist congresswoman was brought up in non-diverse, chi-chi Yorktown Heights (median household income: $137,580) and attended pricy Boston University (annual tuition: $58,560).  Her policies have been disastrous for her constituents, whether on a local or national scale.

Now she has a challenger.  Tina Forte, a Bronx native, an athlete, a passionate MAGA-supporter and patriot, and a social influencer with a sizable following has announced her candidacy and has a knock-yer-socks-off introductory campaign video.

What Forte has is grit, guts, fortitude, cojones...whatever you want to call it.  When she's not positioning herself for Congress, she has language that would make a sailor blush, but that comes along with absolute raw courage.  Take, for example, this video, which she made at the height of both lockdown and George Floyd madness.  Of course, if you dislike obscenities, skip the video, and take my word for it that she is utterly fearless and passionately devoted to the Constitution, America, and MAGA:

For that fearlessness, Forte's gained over 210,000 followers on Twitter.  She also has a companion website selling pro-American, anti-Democrat clothes and accessories.  As with her Twitter rant, the online store is not for the faint of heart because it's rude, crude, and obnoxious.  Forte won't be having high tea with the Daughters of the American Revolution any time soon.  On the other hand, I'm willing to bet that many of the soldiers who slogged after George Washington for eight long years were every bit as raw, and as passionate, as Forte is.

We have to accept that the old ways of politics are gone.  The "well bred" candidates like Mittens or George Bush, Sr. and Jr. never fought for America or for us.  They fought for the system.  Their idea of standing up for Americans was to accept all of the Democrats' explicit and implicit demands, all while whining about the cost as a sop to their voters.

Of late, the "well mannered" Republicans have entered into deals with Biden and tut-tutted at the notion of election fraud, thrown in their weight with China, refused to push back against the tech tyrants, applauded the open border, and been conspicuously silent about the Americans whose lives have been destroyed for getting near or politely walking through the Capitol on January 6.  They're not patriots.  They're Democrat-lites.

And then there's Tina Forte.  Her video speaks for itself:

If I were AOC, unless I'd already gotten all the fraudulent votes lined up well in advance, I'd be very afraid right about now.

Here's a thought about Forte's in-your-face candidacy.  On the one hand, it feels as if America in 2021 is falling apart.  On the other hand, this has been a tremendously clarifying year.  For decades, Americans have been gently swept along on leftist platitudes about standing up against racism, treating gays and lesbians with simple human decency, and fighting poverty.  Because they controlled the media, it all looked good and pure.  Even if some of it seemed a little extreme, people were able to overlook their discomfort and get on with their lives.

That is no longer possible.  Americans are seeing in the starkest terms what the Democrat party — which has yielded entirely to its Marxist wing — has to offer.  In Democrat America, racism is being enshrined, private property destroyed, borders erased, the criminal justice system neutralized, the nuclear family ripped apart, election integrity systematically undermined, and our allies weakened even as we build up our enemies.  It no longer appears accidental that every Democrat policy weakens America and strengthens China.  As Ian Fleming wrote in Goldfinger, "[o]nce is happenstance, twice is coincidence, the third time it's enemy action."  When it's gotten to the forty-third or seventy-third time, it's a revolution you didn't even notice was happening.

So, if loud, proud, feisty, and raw Tina Forte is what it takes to lead a constitutional counter-revolution through the ballot box, I say, "Hurrah!"  And if you're in the Bronx or Queens, for God's sake, when election day rolls around, get off your duff and vote for her.

UPDATE: People have contacted me asking how to donate to Tina Forte. Her donation page is here.

Image: Tina Forte.  YouTube screen grab.

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