Joe Biden ignores D-Day

In more evidence of Joe Biden's unfitness to be president, note that he failed to acknowledge the 77th anniversary of D-Day on June 6. 

According to Fox News:

Homeland Security source told Fox News that service members and veterans are upset after President Biden failed to acknowledge the 77th anniversary of D-Day on Sunday. 

The source tells Fox News the fact that Vice President Harris tweeted about D-Day while Biden tweeted about the 1921 Tulsa Massacre on Sunday clearly underscores the administration’s priorities. Roughly 2,500 Americans died on D-Day.

"As a veteran I find it reprehensible that the president ends his speeches with ‘God bless the troops,’ which now seems to be in words only. He blatantly forgot to acknowledge the tremendous sacrifice of our greatest generation," an Afghanistan and Iraq wars veteran told Fox News on Monday.

A second Homeland Security source told Fox News that White House press secretary Jen Psaki had "the perfect opportunity" to mention D-Day during her CNN interview on Sunday but failed to do so.

Sure, he's senile.  He forgets a lot of things.  He's also a leftist, and leftists want to erase history.  But it's also likely he fobbed the task off onto Kamala Harris, who did acknowledge it, because we sure as heck know she didn't do this on her own.  The soldiers and sailors and Marines who stormed the beaches to liberate France on that fateful day in 1944, after all, were largely white and all men.  Not Kamala's wheelhouse.

He did acknowledge the Tulsa massacre, as one Fox source noted, but not one of the U.S. military's most heroic moments.

America, see, is bad, not heroic.

How, exactly, can a man who has the position of commander in chief of the armed forces expect troops to follow him into battle when he has so little regard for the sacrifices of troops who went before him?  He must think wars are a thing of the past, with the only war out there to be had being on conservative dissidents in the ranks, as well as the quest to show wokesterism as all about "national security."

In any case, it's inexplicable.  It would have taken next to zero effort to get some staff flunky to craft a small acknowledgment of D-Day for placement on the White House site or on Twitter, but it didn't happen.  Nor did his spokesweasel, Jen Psaki, do it for him.  It almost has the look of something intentional.  And if so, it portends some problem times ahead for Joe Biden and veterans, as well as the Department of Defense.  The military recently stated that it wouldn't be flying gay pride flags on U.S. military bases.  Now Biden has chosen to ignore the troops on D-Day.

Is Joe really in charge?  This seems like a no-brainer.  His failure to acknowledge D-Day might in fact be a sign of trouble.

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