Joe Biden doubles down on Critical Race Theory and misandry

The only thing that binds Americans is Big Ideas.  We do not have shared skin colors, shared cultural backgrounds, or historic geographic enclaves.  Instead, we have the idea that, as human beings, we are equal before God and the law and that, if we are left to enjoy America's constitutional liberties, we will thrive.  Take away the belief in our universal commonalities and focus instead on a victim and victimizer hierarchy, and you will quickly erase the delicate bonds the make America a united and superbly successful country.  It's a terrible idea, and it's what Biden just did in his latest executive order, targeting both Whites and men.

According to the Daily Caller:

President Joe Biden signed an executive order on Friday that ensures that every part of the federal government will conduct race-conscious diversity training and engage in race-conscious hiring.

The executive order "establishes an ambitious, whole-of-government initiative that will take a systematic approach to embedding DEIA [diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility] in Federal hiring and employment practices," according to a White House fact sheet. In practice, it will ensure that federal agencies employ tenets associated with Critical Race Theory (CRT) within their hiring practices and day-to-day activities.


The executive order directs federal agencies to "develop strategic plans to eliminate any barriers to success faced by under-served employees." This will be felt through federal hiring, which will prioritize "communities that have historically faced employment discrimination and professional barriers, including people of color, women, first-generation professionals and immigrants, individuals with disabilities, [and] LGBTQ+ individuals."


Notably, the order requires diversity trainings like the one conducted by Sandia National Laboratories, a government contractor that helps manage nuclear weapons. During a three-day "White Men's Caucus," male employees were required to recite "white privilege" and "male privilege" statements, according to leaked documents reported on by Manhattan Institute fellow Christopher Rufo. Trainers at the caucus told the participants that "white supremacists," "KKK," "Aryan Nation," "MAGA hat," "privileged" and "mass killings" were all associated with "white male culture."

Everything that Biden just mandated is illegal.  The federal government is barred by the Civil Rights Act of 1964 from discriminating against people based on race, skin color, or sex.  Yet that is precisely what it is doing.  Merely forcing attendance at classes that denigrate and humiliate people based on race, color, or sex is illegal and abusive.  On those bases alone, the executive order must be stopped instantly.

It's not just legal rules, though, that make this a strikingly horrific executive order.  Critical Race Theory (CRT) is indistinguishable in species from the Nazi and KKK training that all decent people abhor — and that leftists are constantly claiming continues to exist as a clear and present danger to minorities.

By embracing CRT, the left is telling the American people that two wrongs do make a right.  That is, even though systemic racism was made illegal in America in 1964 and had vanished almost entirely by the early 1980s, the only way to purge it from America, say Democrats, is to impose systemic racism against Whites.  The same goes for the now extinct sexist policies that the left is claiming must be purged by telling the world that White men are especially toxic.

The leftists pushing this racist garbage know it's not about purifying America.  This is about destroying America by destroying the ideas that bind this nation: "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men [the 18th-century word for humankind] are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights[.]"  Or as Biden, the most racist man to occupy the White House since Woodrow Wilson, calls this bold statement of equality and inherent rights, "You know...the thing."

The sad thing is that no one in the federal government is going to push back against this racist, sexist, illegal training.  Employees and contractors will suck it up because of mortgages, school fees, etc.  And the ignorant and vulnerable among them will believe it and begin to act on it with discrimination and, if they're crazy, with violence.

Image by Andrea Widburg.

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