Is Maria the name of her latest flame?

Who knew we'd be talking about Elvis and V.P. Harris's trip to Mexico?  We all remember that Elvis classic "Marie's The Name, His Latest Flame."

Maybe V.P. Harris learned of her latest "journalist" flame in Mexico City.

We witnessed a bizarre incident in Mexico City.  On one hand, Maria Fernanda of Univision asked Harris a question after she told the world how much she loved her.  My guess is that even Harris was surprised that a member of the media would disclose her love in such an open fashion.  After all, media bias is supposed to be a secret!

Shortly after, Univision told us that Maria was a fraud and not part of their staff.

So how in the world did Maria get into that press conference?

What happens next?

I remember when V.P. Bush came to Dallas in the fall of 1988.  I had the opportunity to have a photo taken with him.  Before the photo, I had to provide identification to get cleared.

So who cleared this lady, and how did she get a press pass?  She clearly went through security as a reporter from Univision.  So where was the real reporter from Univision if Maria Fernanda was a fraud?  Was she in the parking lot screaming that the woman inside was an impostor?

By the way, I don't think it was the Mexicans who blew this one.  They are very good at this stuff.  My early guess is that someone on Harris's staff knew Maria Fernanda.

Univision is desperately trying to distance itself from Maria.  I accept their explanation.  Nevertheless, what made this Maria so believable is that she fit the profile of an in-the-tank reporter from Univision.

Unfortunately for Univision, such a reporter is typical of who works in that network.  Don't blame Maria because Univision earned this reputation.

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Image: Gage Skidmore.

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