Good news from Baltimore

A month ago, I went to Maryland to see my ailing mother.  I learned from friends that Baltimore has a terrible police shortage.  They need 1,100 but have only 500 officers.  It's happening because the political class is failing to let the police do their job.

Well, something has to give, because local businesses are threatening to hold back money.  This is the story:

More than three dozen businesses in Baltimore's Fells Point are threatening to withhold tax and permit payments amid "chaos and lawlessness" that they say has been "going on for far too long," according to local reports.

The coalition of 37 businesses sent a letter Tuesday to officials, including the mayor, council president, police commissioner and state's attorney, complaining about illegal alcohol and drug sales, public drinking, poor trash pickup and parking enforcement, and other problems, according to several local reports. 

They are calling for Baltimore officials to restore "basic and essential municipal services."

"[W]e are fed up and frustrated, and we now realize that nothing will change unless we demand action," the letter states, according to local affiliate FOX Baltimore. 

Can you believe that this is happening in a major U.S. city? 

It started back in 2014, when six policemen were charged in the death of Freddie Gray.  This incident introduced us to Baltimore state's attorney Marilyn J. Mosby.  She seemed more interested in appearing on TV than fixing crime in Baltimore.  In the end, the officers were acquitted.

Then, in 2015, the city exploded, businesses burned, and the police were forced to watch.

Thankfully, the taxpayers are fed up.  They plan to hold their taxes back until the city does its job.  Maybe this is the start of a national movement that will finally bring city Democrats to their senses.

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