Failing upward: Joe Biden makes Kamala Harris his voting rights czar

Normally, when a business leader finds he has a bright star on his team, he puts that bright star in charge of bigger and more numerous projects.

But then there's Joe Biden.

Instead of moving his biggest underperformer to the sidelines — we're talking about failed border czar Kamala Harris, who's now seeing real diplomats bail her out from her Central American follies — Joe puts her in charge of ever more projects.

According to today's New York Times:

WASHINGTON — President Biden said on Tuesday that he had directed Vice President Kamala Harris to lead Democrats in a sweeping legislative effort to protect voting rights, an issue that is critical to his legacy but one that faces increasingly daunting odds in a divided Senate.

"Today, I'm asking Vice President Harris to help these efforts, and lead them, among her many other responsibilities," Mr. Biden said during a trip to Tulsa, Okla. "With her leadership and your support, we're going to overcome again, I promise you, but it's going to take a hell of a lot of work."

As with her border-czar assignment, Harris will fail spectacularly.

If one had to take a guess, it's likely that Joe intends to have Harris whip up racial grievances and fear-mongering, a Harris specialty, as the instrument of ramming through H.R. 1, the ignominiously named "For the People" act, which will federalize all state elections, force ballot-harvesting on every state, eliminate identification requirements to vote, and effectively leave the U.S. a one-party state run on the California model.  There won't be much reason for Republicans to vote at all should this sleazy dictator's dream of a bill pass in Congress, and Democrats want it o pass very, very much, given its benefits, which include big windows for fraud.

So Kamala's the one being chosen to head up this losing proposition.  Apparently, Joe is counting on her to persuade a few Republicans in Congress to come around to support this suicide measure, which will effectively end all free and fair elections in the country to the benefit of Democrats.

That isn't going to fly. 

As a senator, Kamala in fact was the least successful person in building bipartisan consensus.  She was ranked the most leftist member of the Senate by GovTrack, which ranks these things, voting against some of the most bipartisan of bills during her time as a senator, outranking even Bernie Sanders, a naked socialist. 

The only thing Biden might need her for in such a sure-lose proposition is some kind of political muscle.

That might be on the spin-control front, to hammer home to a fawning media that any effort by a state to secure voter identification before issuing a ballot is Jim Crow law and the "death of democracy" as well as all the other lies voters already aren't buying.

Or it could be to force some Republicans into mysteriously changing their positions on this issue and call the whole thing "bipartisan."  Does Kamala Harris have an army of political goons who will dig up dirt to pin on Republicans in exchange for their votes?  We know that the Democrat party apparat does, but Kamala herself?  Seems maybe farfetched, given the choice of talent Joe has for that sort of thing.

It's weird stuff, and with Kamala on it, it's sure to fail.  She's alienated every member of Congress including Republicans and isn't about to start persuading, let alone getting up from her selfies and Instagram posts and doing the work. 

So here we are: more Joe Biden delegating his presidency to a person chosen for the job, not for her brains, but for her sex and skin color.  It's Joe fobbing off another job he doesn't want, and he's sure to get more failure.

Image: Screen shot from video posted by GOP War Room via shareable YouTube.

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