Everything was better with President Trump in the White House

Incredibly, only four months have passed since Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr. was installed as president, and in that brief time, he has done more damage than anyone could have thought possible.  On day one, Biden stopped work on the Keystone pipeline, now truly defunct, which cost thousands of jobs.  He stopped the construction of the southern border wall, putting even more Americans out of work and opening the border to over half a million migrants so far.

These border-crossers, invited by Biden, are not being tested for COVID; they are not asked for their vaccine passports with which the left hopes to saddle all Americans.

Unvaccinated Americans, unless the GOP puts a stop to their plan, will be shunned, banned from public places, and/or segregated from the vaccinated.  One might wonder if the vaccine is ineffective if they are still to be separated from the unvaccinated.

If Trump were still in the White House, there would be no talk of mandatory vaccines, vaccine passports, or dangerously jabbing kids who are at no risk of serious COVID illness.  The tyrannous blue-state governors are relishing their power over the people and destroying their states in the process.  If these governors think their constituents do not notice their diabolical incompetence, they are mistaken.

President Trump made us energy independent.  Now we are again importing oil, even from Iran.  Biden removed sanctions that prevented Russia from completing their Nordstream pipeline that will enrich that country fabulously.  He has stopped drilling on federal lands, including ANWR, and put an end to nearly all drilling for our own oil.  He is intentionally strangling the U.S. oil industry without regard for the hardships this will bring to all Americans.  So typical of the left. 

Biden canceled the discounts on insulin and the Epipen that Trump mandated.  Diabetics and those with potentially fatal allergies now will again pay ten times more for these life-saving drugs, but he is going to buy, with our money, 500 million vaccine doses from Pfizer to be sent to other nations!  He even appeared on stage with the CEO of Pfizer in England.

While Trump put America first in all things, Biden is blatantly putting America last to the delight of China, Russia, and Iran, our three main adversaries.  He has rejoined the Paris Climate Accord, an obvious scheme to fleece American taxpayers.  He wants to rejoin the JCPOA, the Iran nuclear deal, even though everyone knows Iran never abides by any "deals" it signs.  This is just more proof of his plan to devastate the U.S.  He gave Hamas $234 million so they could once again start killing Israelis and paying terrorists.  He betrayed Israel almost immediately.  The man is a menace.

And as if all of the above is not bad enough, consider his embrace of the most radical transgender policies.  Biden supports drugs and surgery for children as young as eight who think they identify with the opposite sex.  Trans activists hope such children can move forward with "transition" even without parental consent.  Biden is sure to agree.

His secretary of defense, Lloyd Austin, hired his own personal Lavrentiy BeriaBishop Garrison, another radical leftist hatchet man tasked with purging the military of any and all conservatives.  Biden, along with the rest of the left, pretends that Critical Race Theory is not Marxist to its core, viciously racist, overtly anti-white, anti-family, and pro-communist.

But the left's celebration of CRT may be its downfall as its implementation in our public and private schools has enraged parents throughout the country.  Those who are brave enough to call it what it is — a brazen plan to demonize and thus discriminate against all white people — are beginning to fight back.  CRT indoctrinates the kids, inculcates the Caucasians with guilt for the color of their skin.  In short, CRT ideologues mean to criminalize Whites for being Caucasian.  They also mean to criminalize Christians for being Christian.  Like everything else American, faith is now racist. 

With Biden's acceptance of CRT and all that it entails, is it any wonder that we have innocent Asian and White people being assaulted on the streets of our cities?  Just as Biden invited those tens of thousands of migrants to come on in, he has given tacit permission for those who have been taught they are victims of a racist society (they're not) to act out on a whim of "earned" hatred.

Did Biden or Harris or the rest of the left condemn the riots across the nation last summer?  No, they did not.  Harris raised money to bail out these destructive armed thugs who looted, burned, and caused billions of dollars in damage to small businesses and federal buildings.  Most of those perpetrators have not been charged with crimes, while many of those arrested on January sixth, all of whom were unarmed, are still in jail.  This administration renounces law and order, rewards criminals, and plans to disarm all law-abiding citizens.  That will never happen.

As these four months have passed, it is becoming clear that the pandemic was begun by a lab-created virus in Wuhan, China, a fact the ever-present-on-TV Lord Fauci has worked hard to cover up from the outset.  Fauci is part of a group of self-appointed scientists who have been playing God.  They like to take known viruses, of which there are 10 to the 31st power (nonillion), and make them deadlier just in case!  Why do they do this?  They claim it is "just in case" they may need a vaccine.  Hmmm.  That makes no sense.

This dangerous game was theoretically stopped in 2014, but Fauci and his pals ignored the order and kept on playing with fire.  What happened to the seasonal flu?  Or did the alleged miracle PCR test create a pandemic by creating cases?  Our knowledge base is very thin.

We do know that Fauci and his craven, sophomoric fellow scientism-ists did everything in their power to conceal their gain-of-function experiments and to suppress known therapeutics, HCQ and ivermectin, which could have saved tens of thousands of lives.  But those decades-old drugs wouldn't have made any of them rich beyond their wildest dreams.

Bottom line?  These despicable Mengeles-in-waiting still think nothing of experimenting on "the people," all those peons for whom they have such disdain.  Bill Gates's fingerprints are all over this nightmare, and he has been upfront about his goal of depopulation for many years.  It just may be true, as some have suggested, that this pandemic/vaccine plan of theirs is of long standing and Trump was in their way.  This would be one of many reasons they had to defeat him by any means necessary.

With Trump as president, the U.S. was economically successful, had the lowest unemployment in decades, was energy independent.  Our border was secure, and we enjoyed the revitalization of manufacturing.  He reconstituted our military.  Trump held Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea at bay and achieved real progress toward peace in the Middle East.  The Abraham Accords were a masterful, historic feat.  (Biden has prohibited anyone in his administration from using the term "Abraham Accords.")

Trump moved our Israel embassy to Jerusalem as promised.  He accomplished more in his four years than even Reagan did in eight.  Everything was better during his administration and that is what the left cannot abide.  They hated Reagan.  They hated the Bushes, but they hate Trump the most because he was the best.

Photo credit: Michael VadonCC BY-SA 2.0 license.

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