Doing as the left does

Do you ever wonder how establishment media can go about not even pretending to be objective, or how Democrat politicians can tell you the current surge in crime, illegal border crossings, and rioting last summer are all a figment of your imagination?  The CNNs and leftist politicians can do this because it's not their goal to get you to tune in or get your vote. The Left now has enough of a coalition of immigrants, racist blacks, young morons, self-hating whites, perpetual victims, and government freeloaders to enforce their ideology on you.

This means they can cancel you out, spew fake news 24/7, and say whatever the hell they want, no matter how outlandish, and there's nothing the Constitution or winning in the "marketplace of ideas" is going to do about it.  So conservatives — quit living as though it were the 1980s, and quit treating leftists as though they're still just the crazy uncle.  Politics is the end-all, be-all to the left, and leftists hate you with a passion.  It's time for conservatives to go against our natural inclinations, get out of our comfort zone, and enforce our ideology on the enemy.

Our fight starts with our words.  Quit using their language, and quit being soft on them.  Maxine Waters shouldn't be referred to as "congresswoman," but rather as a racist demagogue.  Hillary shouldn't be referred to anything other than a crook, and the FBI should be called traitors or brownshirts.  CRT is racist indoctrination, abortion is murder, a journalist is a propagandist.  When we use their language, we legitimize it and in turn desensitize otherwise moral, upstanding people.

Our fight starts with making them know we're here.  I believe in our silent majority of legal voters, but let's stop being silent.  If you see someone in Target wearing a Biden-Harris hat, let him know he's ruining this country.  If you recognize a politician, CEO, or propagandist in your neck of the woods, get in his face and confront him.  We've been getting our butts kicked for forty years taking the high road and being the peaceful good guy.  Make Them Scared Again!

Our fight starts on the local and state levels.  Elect politicians who have fight and call it like it is.  Elect politicians who are going to treat leftists like the enemy that they are.  Elect politicians who are forward-thinking.  Elect politicians who can ensure that their candidates are going to win just as the left does.

Our fight ends when we give leftists the right-wing authoritarian boogeyman they desperately want.  Now, it's hard for me to believe I've been cornered to where I want a far-right authoritarian to save us, but that's what fifty years of leftist encirclement has done.  I'm a live and let live kind of guy, but anyone who's halfway paying attention can see that those days are coming to an end increasingly fast.

Most people even on the right have no clue how encircled we are.  As I mentioned previously, there's no relying on the Constitution or winning in the marketplace of ideas, and there's no chance of taking back the culture through some long-game approach.  We're too individualistic, too encircled, and too short on time.

I don't believe that this is a moment Trump or DeSantis can meet, either.  I'm not sure who that person is, but he needs to be heavy-handed.  Like arresting propagandists in the media, left-wing politicians, and brownshirts in the DOJ for treason heavy-handed.  Like demoting military officers to E-1 if they've pushed woke ideology heavy-handed.  Or like picking one of the many federal agencies, firing everyone, and then selling the building heavy-handed.

There's so much that must be done to clean out the swamp and save this country, but we'll never have the chance unless we start enforcing our ideology on the left.  I think we all can feel that something nefarious is in our future unless we put a stop to the left soon.  Republican politicians have failed us for so long that we're now staring down only bad options: a right-wing authoritarian comes into power that cleans house, a civil war, or disappearing in the middle of the night because of a mean tweet.

Image: Montecruz foto.

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